Buying Apartments for Sale in United Arab Emirates

The property market in the Middle East is no more flourishing than in the UAE, where it has been developing successfully since the beginning of this year.

Having an apartment is one of the achievements that we all dream of. Now having this type of housing in the heart of the UAE is a dream come true. There are so many apartments for sale in the United Arab Emirates, and you can never run out of ideas when it comes to choosing one of them for you and your family. You can buy a suitable property in Dubai in installments, you can rent it monthly, make a down payment or, even better, pay the full amount, and you have an apartment in the UAE. The official website shares the article about how to buy the best real estate in Dubai.

Before buying a property in Dubai

What you should take into account before buying real estate in Dubai? You should keep this important information in mind:

  • Quality
  • Size
  • Location
  • Amenities available in the community, including proximity to educational and medical institutions
  • Maintenance costs. Each of them is a complex part in itself, and in order to do it correctly, you need to either do extensive research or save time by consulting with a real estate consultant.

Where to buy an apartment in Dubai

  • You can buy the right flat in the UAE either from a developer, through “off-plan” construction, or from a seller. When buying an off-plan flat in Dubai, buyers will need to provide their passport with a booking form that sets out the terms of the transaction. The booking amount of 10-25% is paid for writing a sales purchase agreement (SPA), which obliges both parties to conclude a transaction.
  • When buying a flat in Dubai from a private seller, it is necessary to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the buyer and the seller. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of the transaction.

How to ensure a high ROI in Dubai

If the main goal is to buy a property for sale in Business Bay in Dubai, it is important to study the housing market and study the types of real estate that bring the greatest rental yield.
Here are the tips for achieving a high ROI:

  • Choose small apartments in communities with developed infrastructure, private or public beaches, shopping centers, as well as near the main communications and basic amenities.
  • Resale of small-sized flats is faster and offers better price compared to larger ones.

Buying an apartment for sale in the UAE

  • Can you buy a flat for sale in the UAE if you are not a citizen of this country?

Yes, citizens from other countries can buy real estate in the UAE in the so-called freehold areas. This gives them the chance to buy, sell and rent out their apartments. Real estate in Dubai for a foreigner is situated only in unique places indicated by the government.

  • Where can foreigners buy properties in the country?

Foreign nationals can buy an investment property in Dubai in freehold zones. In addition, investors can find these places among the most popular districts of the emirate, and they will have a great deal of types of housing to choose from.

5 tips to find an apartment in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates certainly has one of the most advanced economies in the Arab world. This country has also one of the best conditions for living. Finding a suitable flat in the UAE that meets all your specific needs and is inexpensive is often a little difficult.

  • Put a low cost

Experts claim that the rent for a house should not exceed 20% of your consistent monthly returns, so you should put a low cost before entering the market and looking for a property in Dubai.

  • Start searching online

The Internet is an honest place to start looking for a suitable property. There are many agencies that place online ads for the sale of real estate in the UAE. There, you can meet a great variety of housing from leading developers.

  • Stay close

You can try to rent an apartment in Dubai near your workplace, because there is heavy traffic in the United Arab Emirates during peak hours. If you do not have your own type of transport to your workplace, make sure that the availability of public transport near your home is a mandatory factor.

  • Check the property broker

Realtors are responsible for the processing of documents and contracts. Therefore, before signing a contract with a housing specialist, make sure that he is registered with RERA, because the law prohibits influencing unauthorized freelancers in the UAE.

  • Do not forget to register a property

Before buying a profitable flat in the UAE, all lease/rental agreements must be registered with EJARI.

Emirates.Estate helps clients make real estate deals correctly

As a rule, people want to have an Arab investment property that has all the necessary amenities and is located close to the best places in this luxury country. Finding such a property can be difficult if you do not keep in touch with a reliable broker. Emirates.Estate has the best dealers in its staff and recommends its customers to use their professional services, because this is the only way to find the house of your dreams in the desirable place in the United Arab Emirates.