Five Fit Out Trends in Dubai that are Here to Stay

Since the year 2020, the world has changed drastically. We all wish to go back to simpler times, but they are not in sight. So, all we can do is adapt to the “Covid times.” There have been so many changes in these two years that the world doesn’t seem to be the same as it was a few years ago. One of the significant changes is the complete turn-around of our offices and workspaces. Covid has not brought many good things into the world; however, one good thing it has done is it has renewed the focus on how we plan our spaces and put the limelight on health and safety, mental health, and sustainability. This has a direct effect on the way commercial and office spaces are designed and has given rise to new trends.

Even in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, these trends seem to have taken root. The UAE is often on top of new trends in building, fit out and interior designs that are not only in line with global trends but also set the direction for the global construction industry. In fact, it is predicted that the fit out market in the UAE will be worth $973 million in 2022. The government and businesses have an increased awareness of the environment, and thus one common theme seen across UAE is to eliminate or reduce the use of plastic waste and adopt more eco-friendly and sustainable ways of building office spaces. Some of the top office fit out themes to watch out for in the year 2022 are-

Sustainability is Paramount

People around the world have been suffering for more than two years because of unsustainable practices of the past. Therefore, global citizens have demanded change in such practices to make them sustainable. It has also influenced commercial interior and fit out trends in Dubai. This is the most prominent trend that can be seen everywhere in the UAE and is wrapped in different styles. Office fit out companies in Dubai and employers want to design eco-friendly office spaces and have as little carbon footprint as possible. This includes – the use of green construction materials, resource preservation, reduced waste production, and better utilization of energy resources.


This is an extension of the sustainable approach towards office spaces. Although it has existed as a concept since the 1980s, it has recently gained popularity. Workspaces are not expected to be different from the places that people inhabit. The connection of people and nature – Biophilia – is a design trend that aims at inspiring, energizing, and supporting the people in these spaces. Numerous studies that have explored the relationship between psychological well-being and workspaces have found the greening of areas to be beneficial and show a positive impact on employee productivity.

The Growth of Smart Spaces

With things changing as rapidly as they are, flexible workspaces are increasing in demand. The concept of 9 to 5 desk jobs is slipping into oblivion. Evolved technology, work from home trends, and hybrid work modes are prevalent everywhere. A behavioral change is also seen in employees who have become more flexible and prefer to work in flexible workspaces. This means contemporary fit out designs in Dubai should make intelligent utilization of office spaces that allow people to be comfortable working sitting on the stairs or having a fruitful discussion in the cafeteria. Minimalism in design and yet functional space in the office are the talk of the town.

Renewed Focus on Health and Well-being

Another important trend that is seen all across the world and in the UAE is the renewed focus on the health and safety of the employees. Along with it, the physical and mental well-being is also given attention to. Builders and interior designers have tried to find innovative ways by which employee well-being can be promoted. Ergonomic design, open offices, bright colors, and “chill zones” are popular choices to enhance employee health and promote a productive working environment. The needs and everyday tasks of the employees are taken into consideration to create a space that inspires and increases workflow.

Innovative Tech

Technology has dominated every aspect of our lives. But it is not just limited to constant connectivity. In offices, tech has also been utilized to simplify work and promote wellness. Future of work includes the best use of IoT, remote working and monitoring, data analytics AR/VR, 3D visuals, and so much more. The use of tech in office fit outs can make spaces more efficient in terms of energy, use of space, and people interaction. Using systems such as wireless access, automatic sensors for air conditioning and lights can provide better analysis on usage and thus help reduce costs.

Emerging trends in the fit-out industry within and outside Dubai are now focused more on the planet, people’s well-being, and reducing carbon footprint. These trends are here to stay and will only become more essential in the near future. Talk to your fit out contractor to ensure these trends are reflected in your office design as well.