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Living in a small space? Why don’t you design a studio apartment typically of your style? A small apartment is like heaven when perfectly designed and managed. All you need to know are the basic fashions to do so.  A studio apartment consists of a main room, a kitchenette (on a side or a corner) and a bathroom, which is absolutely sufficient for a person or two. While your single main room can be considered as your bedroom, your living room, and even your study room (if required).

It merely depends on the owner to choose a bed; may be hidden underneath something or the kitchen may also consist of a stove and undersized cabinets only. Compact living is extremely successful all around the world as these small spaces are very easy to maintain and pay.

#1. Try a Loft

Are you worried about where to keep your stuff? Not to worry any more. This special bed in a loft is so skillfully designed to deal with your extra stuff. A space for your comfy mattress and under it is the drawers, shelves and cabinets on left side, to keep all; from tiny objects to hanging clothes. The stairs to moving toward the mattress even makes a shelf under each step. The wooden floor and a high bed with wide windows is a lovely amalgamation.

#2. Color Distinction

Colors can add attractiveness to anything. When it’s about choosing the combo of colors for your lovely studio, this one would definitely make a difference from the normal appearance. By painting your upper level in a distinctive tonality, will make it look like another portion. Set the bed on top of you washroom and kitchen, creating it an incredibly cozy place to rest. It can also be categorized as dual use of space. The dark green color on top separates it from the interior designing of the living room with a little vintage look. Overall the ambiance has a unique manifestation as the color of the sofa relates to some shades of green as well.

#3. Elevate the Bed

These sort of customized studio apartments are a modern solution for resolving any spacing problem. It includes an elevated bed to use the space underneath for making a huge wardrobe, a kitchen or even a cozy working area.  An extra bed can also be adjusted (if needed often). In the picture given, the space has been utilized for a kitchen. You can choose it as per your preferences. A couch and a television in front of it can make the place more homely to spend quality time.

#4. Using Folding Glass Wall

Is your studio a long one? Make a separation for your bedroom by using a folding glass door. This image clearly demonstrate; the inspiration of a dynamic contrast in the textural material of palettes and combination of colors. These clean and clear glass doors establish a very flexible interior design in small apartments for rent in Fontana. The luminous characteristic appearing because of the wide windows shows an impact on the place. It is brighter, illuminating and appealing. Moreover, the trendy furniture is just merging with the theme of the walls and cemented floor.

#5. Sliding Staircase

Mostly the bed is used once a day for sleeping, therefore it will be a wise idea to lift up it a little and use the spacing. To make it more practical the staircase can be sliding in the wall, to save space, because it won’t be useful the whole time. This is a fantastic and functional utilization of the small space.

#6. Creative Movable Cube Use

Try something out of the box by keeping a cube box as your solution of bed in a studio apartment. Make it a cozy while movable one. Being a fun solution, it also provides a private space.  The wheels under the bed cube are suitably adjusted to move the cube anywhere at any time as per the seating arrangement. Any loved color can be used and lighten it accordingly.

#7. Memorable Suspended Bed

This is totally a unique style of bedding. Suspend your bed a little higher and retreat yourself daily with a 5 star hotel’s charm. The overall ambiance of the place is greatly elegant. The stair case is presenting a sophisticated yet artful glance. A decorative wall with sceneries, chic scones and drawers at the bottom is a useful way out to utilize the spacing wisely and delightfully.

#8. Dark Colors

Afraid of dark colors because it will make the apartment look even smaller? It is merely a myth. So keenly observe this one. It is a black studio designed very dynamically. The complete utilization of room is an adequate kitchen counter and cabinet space.  Using dark colors is just a myth. The visually dramatic impact is shaped by metal accents, reflective surfaces and, bold dark colors.

#9. Behind the Sofa

It is a very artistic proposal for staying in a studio. A person or two can easily live in here with privacy. The wooden sculptural build is a chill-out niche while offering a multiple sitting options.  The heighted shelf for storage of stuff behind the sofa is an excellent idea.

#10. Movable Wall

This is a very technical and compact solution to design a shrink breakfast nook or a bedroom. This is micro- housing with a movable wall private room to maintain the privacy. A closet for keeping the stuff is kept along the wall.  The wooden textured floor and the wooden furniture are presenting a classy atmosphere.

#11. Hiding the Bed In The Closed

Another efficient way of turning a studio apartment into a lavish place while having all the essentials is keeping a closed bed (can be a partially hiding one).  Serve one of your longest walls for building a full length shelf so that your belongings can be stored. Whereas, the bed can also be enclosed in it and open it at the time of sleeping. Beautify the rest of the room with  the desired furniture.

#12. Take It Minimalism

It is totally a ‘packed in’ type of studio apartment. If you are a cleaning devotee this one is definitely for you.  Keeps your stuff hidden, even the bed is kept closed and in this wall-to-wall cabinet. Only the shelf for decoration is open for eye catching appearance.

#13. Accent Wall

Decorate your tiny but pretty place by setting the sofa along the wall and the other wall for a shelf full of show pieces. Add some colors to your wall, if you don’t like it one toned. Fix your LED and some art gallery in wooden frames. Keep fresh flowers on the table in front.

#14. Wall Shelves

Is your wall clear? Use this main wall that is free of windows and any furniture for a whole length shelf. It can include the space for a mounted LED with other gadgets at the bottom. The wooden floor and shelf will come out as a huge help for storage. A combination of closed and open shelves can be elected.

#15. Make Use of Every Corner

It is an efficient and wise idea to build as many as possible cabinets for keeping the storage. All the small gaps must be a drawer or a shelf. It reduces the things on the table or anywhere else. Every minor to major item must have its own place to be kept on.

#16. Double-Duty Furniture

Are you lacking sitting spaces? Choose such a double duty settee which is totally a multitasking item. It has drawers, thin shelves for magazines and, a very cozy laying or sitting mattress to rest. The drawers are thin too but long enough for organizing your daily stuff. The light wooden shade is so appealing and stylish too.  Beautify the ambiance by keeping green artificial flowers in a pot or use different color for the floor tiles.

#17. Statement Light

Availability of light inside (a big or small) home is a blessing. It brightens the place and the owner too as the day starts. Enuotek Lighting share this room, the shinning sun in the morning and tiny bulbs at night are making this studio a very delightful one. Additional lamps on the table enhance the ambiance magically.

Studio apartments are a blessing for those who cannot either buy or maintain a big place.  There are several ways to enhance the beauty of your place. Whereas, in studio apartments the point is not merely to decorate, it is to utilize the small space in every practical manner. This can be done by many means, some of the most convenient ones are mentioned above. Use them to make the most of your tiny spot.  The light products in furniture or other home stuff makes the place appear elegant but dark colors wouldn’t make it smaller either. If you are one of those preferring light design, keep it simple. Least the furniture the simple the look your place will have.

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