Biggest Deer Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Hunting is a rewarding sport if you know the strategies and mistakes you need to avoid to be successful at it. Many beginners have this question of how to score a mule deer and the answer to it might not be the simplest but you can avoid certain mistakes to increase your chances of hunting down one. This article will take you through the 6 biggest deer hunting mistakes that you need to avoid for being successful at your hunt. 

  • Not Enough Practice

This is one piece of advice that will remain true for all professionals and activities, the more you practice, the more experience you will get. Hunting is all about knowing what to do at the right time; you always have to be on your toes, and these instincts you only get through practice. It is important to practice with your rifle or your bow; whatever you choose to use for hunting. At least two weeks before the hunt, you should pick up your equipment and start practicing; this will make you more knowledgeable about your choice of weapon.

  • Not Planning Routes 

It is very easy to find the perfect spot for hunting but what is difficult is to plan the access route so you do not alert the deer in the process. When you choose the place, you want to hunt from, the direction of the wind is also very important. You don’t want the deer to get a wisp of your scent and before you know they will wander away. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the hunters; during their walk to the spot, they leave their scent for the deer in the area.

  • Wrong Clothing Choice

Choosing the right clothes is also critical. The choice of clothes should be made based on the weather you are hunting in. During the summer times, the clothes should comprise multiple layers that can be torn off as you go along your day. The right camouflage will also make your hunting trip worthwhile; out in the wild, it is all about keeping yourself hidden from the prey.

  • Forgetting Equipment 

Check your equipment multiple times before you leave for your trip. No matter how many hunting trips you’ve had, there will be times when you will forget something behind. The ideal way is to make a list and then follow it. 

  • Scent Control 

Many beginners are not aware of this, but scent control is very important. It is important to use scent eliminating soap and also to wash clothes in scent eliminating detergents before heading out to hunt. 

  • Hanging Tree Stands Low 

Tree stands are used to hunt deer, but many hunters often do not understand why they are not able to catch a deer or how is he able to feel their presence. The mistake they make is that the tree stand is placed too low.

These are just a few mistakes that hunters usually make and they are by no means limited to these only. If you want to have a successful hunting trip, make sure you do not make these mistakes.