Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

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Mobile phones have left no hands free. Be it a kid or granny, be it a school-boy or a working professional; mobiles engross every other person.

While talking about professionals, today we will discuss something about the professional content experts.

We will review how Mobile Phones can help the Writing Artists with its grace.

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We can see mobile phones nowadays, be it iOS or Android, have many applications available to download and use whether for some solemn use or to entertain yourself.

Thus, mobile phones have something in the case for the authors. Various mobile app developers now innovated quite a lot of writing apps for the content artists out there.

What is the best Creative Writing App for iPad and Android both? Quick Lists

We have collected three hands-full names of the iOS and Android apps that assist the editors with all the creativity and power in the world; please have a look.

#1. iA Writer

iA Writer(Image SourceiTunes App store)

On no. 1 we have iA Writer today. There are certain salient qualities that this application possesses to be the top player.

If you are a full-time author or even occasional, you may fall in love with this app after reading this article or might already love this. Here are the features:

  • Focus Mode – this feature aids the author to concentrate on the exact current spot by highlighting the present sentence or paragraph and blurring off the previous completed one.
  • Syntax Highlighting – It supports the most while editing. It color spots the different parts of speeches. The color difference facilitates the author improve on the styling aspect of the content.
  • Separate text and formatting – Formatting is equally important as the words are in content. Thus, iA Writer brings the feature of separating both the aspects so that the editor can focus eminently on each element. Also, it comes with a set of templates.
  • Library – This tool gives you the facility to store your work in its embedded Library which you can check anytime while writing.
  • Some Bonus ones –Night Mode. Export content. Text Formatting Functions. Adding tables. These are the bonus features which enhances your content.

Available to download for Android and iOS platforms, iA Writer is worth paying the cost.

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#2. Writer Plus

Writer Plus(Image Source – Google Playstore)

With 4.7 star ratings on Google Play store, Writer Plus is an application which lets you enjoy what you write.

Its paramount features make it one of the best writing apps to recommend to your fellows.

The features include –

  • Create and Edit plain text
  • Folder Support – It allows the writers to create different folders of the work and save different documents in each.
  • Content features – Write Headers (supports H1, H2 & H3). Write in Italic and Bold fonts. Create Lists and Quotes. Supports undo and redo.
  • Check File Data – This app allows you to check the file size, location, and the last modified date.
  • Keyboard Connectivity – It helps you connect a Bluetooth keyboard to ease the typing.

It brings quite an ease with the typical writing and is available to download for Android devices.

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#3. JotterPad

JotterPad(Image Source – Google Playstore)

It is quite irritating to think along with dealing with a Word Processor while writing something creative, something emotional such as lyrics.

This tool helps with a clean writing interface to write with no distraction. A person can write his heart out with this app.

It also comes with various features such as:

  • Text Editor – Along with creative writing, it incorporates the characteristics of a regular text editor and some others too, such as dictionaries, Thesaurus, text styling and much more.
  • Cloud Storage – This app lets you save your work on different cloud storages. Also, you can add and sync to multiple services by subscribing to the Cloud+.
  • Typewriter Mode and Fonts – It comes up with Typewriter Mode to bring on the feel of the authentic novel writer. Also, it supports the elegant and custom fonts; so that the writer can visually love his content.
  • Some more features – Markdown Syntax, periodical screenshots, and Bluetooth keyboard are the added ones to the features and advantages of using JotterPad.

Authentically creative, this app is available to download on Android phones at a competitive price for its authenticity.

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#4. Editorial

Editorial(Image Source – Editorial)

Editorial is an iOS writing app providing robust support and enhancing the plain text writing.

It offers immense Markdown support and automation tools to users.

Beautiful themes, artistic templates, snippets and custom workflows comforts the users like no others.

Also, it allows text folding which can help you focus on your current space folding up the previous completed sentence.

Its Smart Keyboard lets you use all the special characters a rich content needs, and if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use various shortcuts to customize your workflow.

It is an excellent combo of the interfaces that mold themselves as per your needs.

This application is available to download for iOS users.

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#5. Monospace Writer

Monospace(Image Source – Google Playstore)

Monospace is again a Writer’s App. It does include all the features that a typical writing app has in it.

Further, Monospace is something more than the normal ones.

It brings an innovative replacement for the typical folder systems with the “Hashtag” feature in place which is quite a hit.

Along with Hashtags, there is a feature like exporting to another device that benefits the writers because they become more capable of working on their projects even from different gadgets as well.

The User Interface is much more than a simple writing app. Its Material Design and animations make the interface quite user-friendly, so even a non-writing person would love to try their thumbs on writing.

Monospace scores high regarding usability as it is quite robust to handle the complete content. The app does not stop working because of the data load and the functions.

There are lots of different features which brings writing to comfort. Night Mode is available for the night owls (one like me), Text formatting and highlighting, and many more make this app quite refreshing to work on for your contents.

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#6. MS Word App

MS Word(Image Source – Google Playstore)

When it comes to writing, no writer can forget about MS Word.

Since ages, Microsoft Word has been the favorite and the accessible tool for writers to complete their work.

Now, since last few years, it has expanded its reach with the approach towards having a Mobile Application.

The mobile app contains all the necessary basic features that the desktop version has.

Further, being available on mobile it has expanded its feature list with sharing among drives, commenting on the text which makes it more collaborative and the comfort of availability in the mobile phones makes it even more loved by the traditional writers.

Microsoft has kept this available to download with its other tools on iOS and Android devices.

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#7. Scrivener

Scrivener(Image Source – iTunes)

If you are a manuscript or a book writer, Scrivener might have struck your mind at some or the other point of time.

Scrivener has now come up with an iOS mobile app which can again win your heart with its impressive features as it did as a software.

It’s outstanding features make it so lovable to the user to be happy to write a complete book.

It helps you write, research, and arrange all lengthy documents in a single piece with the Ring Binder feature.

Along with all standard writing features like formatting, lists, and commenting; it lets you Find and Replace the words, shows live character and word counts, set character and word count target, and many more.

Night Mode is available for the 3 AM writers.

It allows you to restructure the order of your paragraphs. Importing your research is such an ease in this app.

You can also share your work among your friends and various devices by exporting the final document into external resources like Word, PDF, or RTF.

With the Dropbox sync, you can work from anywhere and everywhere on this app.

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#8. Ulysses

Ulysses(Image Source – iTunes)

Winner of Apple Design Award – 2016, Ulysses is a delighting powerhouse of producing the content.

It makes the writers focus on the text while writing and they can format later once done with entire writing.

It’s simplified toolset keeps you in flow with your content from the starting word till the final full stop.

Whatever you write in Ulysses is stored in its library and can handle projects of all sizes be them small or the huge one.

Moreover, a flexible export feature makes it even handier for the writers to check their content anywhere. One can export it to Word, PDF, Docs or HTML.

Even Publishing is just a few taps away. You can publish on WordPress or Medium directly from the app itself.

This app is dedicatedly available for the iPhone and iPad users to download and enjoy writing.

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#9. Day One

Day One - AndroidAndroid

(Image Source – Google Playstore)

Day One - iPhoneiPhone

(Image Source – iTunes)

Well, this app is a loving app for those who still write journals. It is quite a life engaging habit using this app to write.

It keeps a Memory calendar to jot down all your moments with the complete pleasure of journaling in all its elegance.

You can set reminders, calendars and set habits for your life.

Some moments are the ones which we always love cherishing and nurturing in our hearts. Day One enhances our cherishing with the quick reminders of our memories.

It lets us keep our memories safe and secure. It provides unlimited storage and sync making itself an ultra-secure journal.

It assists in organizing our entries, share our memories and much more to recall the details we need and we would love to.

The application is available to download for its fans in Android and iOS versions.

#10. OmniOutliner

OmniOutliner(Image Source – iTunes)

OmniOutliner is a tremendous outlining tool for the writers using Mac and iPhones.

Covering the basics such as drag and drop, document syncing, keyword filtering, and Inline Notes; it comes with beautiful themes, automatic light and dark modes for different times of the day and export options.

Its Pro version is available with Omni Automation, Custom templates & themes, rich text & row numbering, audio recording & column visibility, and much more.

There’s more inside this app. It brings on these saliently robust features along with the typical writing –

  • Password protection
  • Saved Filters
  • Slide-in Sidebar
  • Automated Scripting

OmniOutliner 3 is now in the market with even more updated features for the writers to love them.

Wrapping it up

Well, I have come up with the best ten writing apps up here in this article. I find these apps as the best writing apps so far for the content and story writers across.

I am sure there will be many on the list, and I would love to hear more about them.

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