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What is Child Custody?

If you are separating and have children, the major concern is what will happen to your child? Who will take care of the child? Who is more important Mother or father? Whom to give the custody of the child?

While separating, custody and visitation rights are among the most important concerns. In a few cases both the parents want the custody of child which makes the situation difficult or vice-versa when none of them is interested in keeping the child.

How Private detective agencies can be helpful in Child Custody.

Divorce is an unfortunate event and when you have kids the situation becomes worst because they too face the adverse consequences of your separation. It’s not the two people who are facing the breakdown of their relationship and the pain but also the children go through the same pain and even the worst because for them both are important and maybe they are not in best of their ages to decide what’s wrong and what’s right.

There are so many different grounds based on which it is decided in court whom to give the custody. If a parent blames the other one for negligence or abuse, the court will not give the custody of the child to that parent. To check the authenticity of these accusations private detective agency in Noida can be trusted. Based on these claims a partner can collect the evidence of negligence or abuse and can easily win the custody of child.

Also, there are different types of Investigation in case of child custody one is the scenario when a court order’s the investigation to make sure the custody would go in a correct hand. In this case the court assigned an investigator who is a professional either psychologist, mental health professional or social worker who can judge the mental state of parents as well as child. After meeting and analyzing the parents individually. They also evaluate and assess the mental state of each parent along with their parenting skills, then they share their recommendation to judge and if any of the parents disagrees the judgment they can file the case further and hire a detective agency to support their statement.

When the investigations are required.

If there is any indifference or the spouse does not agree on the issues of custody. And a judge must give the preference to child’s wish while making a decision. In these cases, the judge asks the child’s lawyer to collect the evidence to ensure that the children will be in safe hands or parents themselves can hire the private detective agency in Delhi to provide the evidence in child custody dispute.

It’s a sensitive matter to select a right guardian for a child, so even the private detective agency in Delhi’s main motto is to find what is best for the child. There are different types of custodies depending on the situation. Legal custody allows a parent to decide on behalf of a child. Physical custody allows a child to live with one parent. Sole custody is a situation in which the child lives with the parents and even the parents get the right to make legal decision in child’s affair.

How Detective agencies carried out the investigation?

They carried out the investigation by following up the person from different angles.

Photo and Video Evidence

The most trustable & reliable source. The private detective will follow the individual, collects photo and video to prove the lack of responsibility or concern for the child. If the individual is found partying or drinking instead of taking care of the child, you will get the upper hand in the battle.

Finding witness

Your private detective will search and get in touch with the witnesses who can support your statement and testify on your behalf.

Finding Documents

If you have the documents that can proof the negligence of your partner, such as any financial losses, any criminal records etc. If the individual has such records, you will get an edge over the case and your chance to get the custody will be higher.

Factors that a court consider before deciding on a child’s custody.

There are many factors that a court considers before deciding the fate of the child, which can’t be ignored such as; the evidence of neglect or child abuse is found against the individual than you can’t risk the custody of a child to that person.

Financial stability of a parent is another very important criteria before handing over the responsibility of child because if the parent won’t be financially established the child’s future will be in danger.

Health, lifestyle and daily schedules of the parents impact the child upbringing, so it becomes important to consider because if the parents’ health is not well and the daily schedules are not properly defined. He won’t be able to take care of the child properly.

Criminal records or history of complaints, the custody of a child is never assigned to the person with criminal records.

Alcohol, smoking or drug abuse not only impacts the lifestyle of a person but also the lifestyle of others associated with them, also it drastically impacts the child’s upbringing.

During child custody court preference is always child’s interest and the private detective will be your direct link to help you win the child custody case. The private detective agency in Delhi is trained to find the best-authenticated evidence that can support you in getting the child custody. They can go to places and things that you can’t think of. If you have doubt that your spouse is not fit to take the responsibility of the child and unable to offer a healthy, safe and happy environment to your child, then you can get in touch with private detective agencies in Delhi. They will start working for you to find out the facts that support you in winning child custody. You just need to cooperate and trust their expertise knowledge