Dedicated Server

There are several things to consider while developing a WordPress website. One of them is considering using hosting server service. The function of using hosting server is to give more access to manage the website just like what you want. For more website hosting access, you can choose dedicated servers. Let’s talk about this type of server first.

About Dedicated Server

Some website owners are choosing a dedicated server because this is the type of internet hosting where you can manage the entire service. It means the server is not shared with anyone else. Because of that, this server is claimed more flexible than shared hosting server where you have to share the server with the other website owners. As the result, you have a full access to the detail such as the type of operating system or hardware you want to use. Website owners will get more benefits, especially because of its high performance, security system, stable email, and easy to control.

Things that Dedicated Server Give To Your WordPress Websites

Most of the dedicated servers offer great service and features to support the users. The service and features are able to make your WordPress website develops significantly than before. A trusted dedicated server providers are always using the best server for their clients. For example, the provider is using Dell servers because of its durability and high-quality performance. Although you have to spend more money, your website gets what its need. Because you have a full access on the server, it means the server has to be easy to control. Due to this matter, a reputable dedicated server provides you with friendly control panel or Plesk control panel. By using a friendly control panel, you can manage your websites, email, and database on the server easily and efficient along with a maximal result. Speed is also a matter for server users. Indeed, a trusted dedicated server provider gives you a fast hosting service. Interestingly, you don’t need to share the dedicated hardware with any other users. You can use the support from the server provider although you get full access to it. The provider supports you with fast response customer support which you can contact anytime you need them.

Dedicated Server Packages

It is a little bit complicated to decide the specification of the server you need most. Actually, you don’t need to get confused about it. A trusted hosting server service provider helps you with some interesting packages. The package is classified based on the detail and the operating system. The detail is including the type of the server, processor, RAM, hardware, speed, and setup time. Let say, there is a package consist of Dell server, Intel processor, 2x500GB SATA, 16GB RAM, 1 hardware raid, and GigE 5TB connectivity. This is considered a basic package where you can use it after 24 hours. There is also a package with higher specification with faster speed and bigger storage but it needs more time to set up. If you take a reputable server provider, you just need to wait for the setup time from 24 hours to 4 days. Just make sure whether you want to set up a dedicated server for Linux or Windows.

Develop Web Hosting Server Service Business

This is also a good time for those who want to try to run a web hosting service business. You don’t need to have a sophisticated system in which it needs a lot of money to start the business. If you really want to try this business, just follow the reseller hosting program. In this program, you are able to sell the hosting server services to the clients. So, how can you get the products and the services? Just find a dedicated hosting servers provider which offer reseller hosting program. Join the program and give your effort to sell the web hosting servers services. The way to join the program is various and it depends on the provider. Commonly, the program is offered in a package. The package is offered based on the SSD disk space, domains, and monthly traffic. While developing your business with reseller hosting program, mostly you will get SSD disk space from 20GB to 60GB. A reputable server hosting provider allows you to manage unlimited domain and monthly traffic. So, you can manage as many as WordPress websites to get more visitors who are interested in your products and services.

The trusted provider also supports you with the best hardware, daily backup, and the latest software. Later, you can also make your own hosting plans based on your need and work with friendly features. Now, you know how to develop your WordPress websites maximally and make money from it.