Best Wedding Dress Rental Companies

So, the ring is finally shining bright on your finger. After years of binge-watching ”Say yes to the dress”, it’s finally time to gather your entourage and find the perfect dress of your dreams. Alas, not everything can be an episode in Kleinfeld. A lot of brides don’t have the finances (or simply don’t want to) to spend on a dress they’ll (hopefully) wear once in a lifetime. That’s where wedding dress rental companies jump in!

Today, you can find gorgeous dresses to rent for your big day and not lose much sleep about the cosmic prices of it.

#1. Poshare

If Posh Spice is your favorite Spice girl forever and ever, this is the platform you will find your perfect wedding dress on. From bridal gowns, and dresses for bridesmaids, to dresses for the bride’s mother and guests – if you’re looking for an extravaganza for rent, you’ll find it here.

Poshare offers amazing designers from Valentino and Gucci, with both unconventional and conventional dresses. As for the price range, you can find rental dresses from 60 to 80 dollars. There are approximately 80 options under 150 dollars.

#2. Rent the Runway

Fashion is your middle name, and the runway is your temple? If that’s the case, you’ll feel like a fish in the ocean scrolling through Rent the Runway’s app on your iPhone. The price range is set between 30 and 310 dollars. Also, there are hundreds of dresses under 150 dollars.

Even though you won’t find a lot of long, traditional gowns, the spotlight will definitely be yours! So, make sure to practice and deliver your best catwalk. However, if daring runway models of dresses are not your thing, it might be better to skip this option.

#3. One Night Affair

People in the City of Angels take weddings seriously. So, if you want a rental that will go above and beyond to fulfill your wishes and give you a fairytale wedding experience, One Night Affair in LA is definitely a place to visit. Also, people here understand the issue of spending too much money on a dress ”for one night”.

So, they made sure to have affordable yet the most amazing options you can imagine, whether you feel like a princess bride or a fierce modern goddess. The only thing that can disappoint you about this rental is that they don’t do shipping, only renting on the spot. But, if you are in LA, going to this place can definitely be a great decision.

#4. Wedding Dress for Rent

True to its name, this business offers an abundance of bridal gowns for rent or buy. Romantic fairytale dresses with lots of tulles are signature dresses you can find here. However, that’s far from everything this company has to offer.

A wide range of rental gowns are available in sizes US 6 and medium and may be altered to fit you better and then altered back to their original form. Every dress here will fit perfectly with your ‘something blue’ (a pair of divine earrings, maybe).

Having your dream dress from this company for three days will cost you approximately 130 dollars.

#5. Villageluxe

Do you know how you and your friends borrow each other dresses for important events and nights out? On this site, you can do a similar thing; the only difference is that your ‘friends’ are unknown people and there’s renting involved. If not the dress, you’ll certainly find the perfect sandals for your big day.

Planet caring and closet sharing

Eco-consciousness is an imperative and leading idea of the creators of this site, and many people recognize its value. The only ‘catch’ is that you need to be invited to be a user of this site. So, it might be tricky if you’re on the clock.

But, if you have all the time in this world, this is definitely something to consider, if not for your wedding, then for later.

#6. Borrowing Magnolia

Another sustainable and affordable option is checking out Borrowing Magnolia. It is actually a second-hand shop. However, the prices here are so low that it’s really worth mentioning it on this list too. Users may browse for their ideal dress based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • size
  • price
  • length of sleeves
  • body type
  • materials used

It’s affordable and stays with you forever

There is also a wide range of sizes to choose from. Sizes from 0 to 18 often have a wide variety of styles, and sizes above 18 are a bit limited in variety. However, as experts at Consumer Opinion suggest, the options are still pretty good considering the price. So, if you’re searching for a dress on a budget that will stay with you forever, this is definitely a good choice.

#7. Lending Luxury

If you want to look like a celebrity on your wedding day, Lending Luxury offers an “as seen on stars” area where you can shop for the latest red carpet styles. Whether you want an extravagant mermaid or a silhouette made of silk that will cuddle your skin, this is a place you’ll find it all.

One of the site’s many draws for brides is the chance to own the garment rather than just rent it. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about sending back your dress if you change your mind and decide you’d rather retain it as a memento.

Best wedding dress rental companies and more

If you thought our list ends here, you’re wrong. We know that your wedding is the main day, but we also know that you worry about what to wear during your engagement and bachelorette party. Don’t worry; we got you!

Some of the best places to rent dresses for pre-wedding festivities are:

  • Gwynnie Bee
  • Nuuly
  • Fashion To Figure Closet
  • Vince Unfold
  • Fashion pass

…and many more. Make sure to check as many wedding dress rental companies as you can so you won’t miss out on anything. Next stop – say yes to an affordable rental dress and have a night you and your partner will always remember!