How To Find The Best Sandals For Your Needs

Whether you’re needing a casual pair of sandals for lounging on the beach or something a bit more formal, no one should overlook the importance of purchasing comfortable quality footwear. A great brand to consider is Bottega Veneta as they offer seamless comfort and are durable enough to last several seasons. Of course, shopping for sandals can feel like a thankless and daunting task, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started:

Establish Your Purpose

The easiest way to narrow down your myriad options when looking at sandals is to simply establish the occasion you want to wear them for. Is your sandal something you want to wear regularly or just for special occasions? Knowing the reason why you want a certain type of footwear can also help you establish the design and style early on. For example, a high-heeled sandal may look sexy and is ideal for clubbing, but it simply wouldn’t work for hiking.

Focus On Comfort

Before purchasing a sandal, it’s important to really consider whether the sandal will offer enough comfort. As you can find footwear in hundreds if not thousands of styles and designs, it’s best to select the height of the heel and the amount of cushioning with comfort in mind. Most importantly, if you plan to do some walking in your new sandals, make sure to opt for something that has ample arch support like Vionic Sandals.

Choose Flexible Sandals

A quality sandal design will offer plenty of flexibility when it comes to the sole of the shoe. That means a sandal that’s ideal in design and style will bend effortlessly to conform to your feet’s movement. However, bear in mind that the best way to test the flexibility of a sandal is to simply bend it in half and see how it reacts.

Select Fit Carefully

Fit is crucial when it comes to finding the perfect sandals. An ideal pair will have some wiggle room for you at the end of the footbed. It’s important not to purchase a size that’s too big, but having some room is essential to feeling comfortable. Choosing a sandal that’s much too large will cause your feet to slip around as you walk and may result in hurting joints or even worse, an injury. It’s also best to shop for sandals during the summer as your feet swell from the heat and having the ideal conditions will ensure you know your size properly.

Always Opt For Arch Support

A pair of sandals may look trendy and sexy, but if you’re heavier set, it doesn’t always mean a certain pair will work for you. Sandals in general are constructed with lightweight flexibility, but whenever they have arch support, you run the risk of purchasing something that doesn’t have ample strength to support your weight if the overall construction is too flimsy. 

The fact is that a pair of sandals will always become uncomfortable in just a short amount of time if they don’t have arch support or proper cushioning. The health of your feet greatly depend on your ability to shop around and select footwear from a brand that optimizes comfort and style without sacrificing one or the other. Sandals without proper support can cause significant long-term damage to your joints and result in foot pain.