As we live in the digital age, companies try to poach clients by marking a virtual presence on the web. It has become a crucial need for a business or a company to grow in an era of e-commerce.

Nearly all the companies have their websites, and few have web apps to minimize the client’s troubles concerning access to the company. Hence, to cater to the demands of the virtual business space, CodeIgniter enables the required rapid framework for making web apps.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

The ecosystem of web developers primarily uses PHP – an open-source scripting language. It is a simple and free open-source PHP framework. It also diminishes the efforts of developers in the direction of problem-solving.

The CI PHP framework is globally used by all businesses – from tech giants to fresh entrepreneurs. It provides web developers with a platform to operate future customizations and upgrades without impediment.

CodeIgniter New Features!

As it is known, the features of the web framework speak louder when it comes to the web app’s performance. CodeIgniter wins the battle due to its best PHP framework and excellent functionalities. Also, its cutting-edge features are getting applause from web developers.

Let’s look into some of the latest excellent features of CodeIgniter that make it one of the top players in the world of web development.

1: Tiny Footprints

In layman’s terms, it can quickly come into one’s pocket since the codebase’s size and the source code’s assimilation to develop the CodeIgniter is merely 2MB. Due to the pocket-size codebase, the updates can be deployed in the web app in no time. And it also becomes easy to work on updates using CodeIgniter.

2: Super-Fast

As a developer, you will have to go through all the available options before choosing the right fit when it comes to opting for the framework. One of the distinguishing features of CI is its uploading data speed. It uploads files within 50ms. Needless to say, the web application, which can load quickly, lures stakeholders – users and developers.

3: MVC Architecture

We have already established that the CodeIgniter framework belongs to the Model-View-Controller design pattern. This widely adopted MVC framework isolates web apps’ data, logic, and view. It enables ease to the developers while performing operations such as the upgradation and customization of web applications. It becomes effortless for developers to generate PHP code using the MVC framework.

Let’s know briefly about three segments- model, view, and controller. Here are the functions which they perform during the development of web applications:

  • Model: It is accountable for the maintenance of the database.
  • View: A data collection is presented to the user in the view segment.
  • Controller: It plays a significant role in the interconnection of the above two segments.

4: Built-in Components

Many in-built, app-oriented elements permit developers to send an email. It also helps manage the database and the sessions, which covers multiple requests to a web application.

5: Remarkable Documentations

The documentation of the CodeIgniter framework is aptly done. Moreover, the large faction of PHP users minimizes the efforts of new learners by developing a straightforward framework to comprehend CodeIgniter. Besides that, the solutions of the CI framework can be derived from the platforms of a coding community such as GitHub and Stack overflow.

The modules of the CodeIgniter framework are easily manageable. Moreover, The CodeIgniter features function freely without depending on the other elements. Hence, the CI developers can effortlessly maintain and upgrade the app.

How Does CodeIgniter Work?

CodeIgniter functions on the MVC PHP framework. Here, MVC stands for model-view-controller. It is a design pattern that is being used during website development. When a client requests data stored in a remote database, the response from a controller is generated at the beginning. It is followed by the comprehension of the request and the address of the pertinent database. Moreover, CodeIgniter’s URLs are SEO-friendly and user-friendly, which helps grow website traffic.

It also takes a different approach than a conventional way of using query strings for smooth and rapid web application functioning.

Let’s say you are making an input request to retrieve client data, possessing the id=1. The controller will receive the request. After getting a nod from the controller, the model will work on retrieving the data with the id of 1. It will bring the required data and forward it to the controller. In the end, it will be presented to the user in a readable format by the view segment of the framework.

The client’s request is received in the index.php file through the CodeIgniter application. Then it goes to the routing segment to check whether it will transfer to the cache file for security reasons. If the requested page is already in the caching file, then the router doesn’t go further ahead, and a response is given to the user. However, in case the requested page is absent in the caching file, the routing can forward the request to a security check.

Passing the security check, the requested page moves to the app controller. The app controller loads all the requisite files, including plugins, scripts, models, libraries, and helpers. And this integrated data is obtained by the view segment. At last, it provides the result to the user.

In addition, the framework also provides the user special set of in-built libraries comprising calendars, unit testing modules, email, and so on. CI also offers default support to web developers to manage strings, arrays, and other data files. Hence, its adoption of the PHP MVC category framework furnishes flexibility and freedom to web developers.

Benefits of CodeIgniter Framework!

Here are some of the reasons which justify the advantages of using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and why it should be the first preference of web developers:

  1. High-End Security

If you are looking for a highly secured platform for your website, then being a web developer, your first preference should be CodeIgniter. CI Development Company provides in-built security tools, usually shown in the default settings of the framework. The default settings repair the issues which arise in the database. Its encryption and decryption techniques separate the CI from others, which efficiently fortify the platform.

Many web developers show interest in building e-com websites with a payment mode in CodeIgniter. So, the website needs satisfactory security standards. CI meets all those standards without the shadow of a doubt. The deployment of payment modes on the website is not a cakewalk. It demands lots of effort and skills, for which CI exists. And protection of the website after deploying it is an even more extraordinary task.

  1. Advanced Testing Facilities

Every segment of the web app development can be tested effectively with the use of CI step-by-step testing features. The CI development company offers advanced tools to complete this process. These testing facilities enable web developers a platform to finish the app development procedure in an absolute manner. This test-driven approach of the CodeIgniter helps in the analysis of the website. It enhances the website’s performance and gives the user a satisfactory experience.

  1. Fewer Codes; More Outcomes

The CodeIgniter enables a platform for its developers where they are supposed to write fewer codes. It contains multiple libraries and requisite APIs set up, making the development process simple, easy, and fast. Due to in-built libraries, the developers don’t feel the need to have a third party. Hence, the CodeIgniter is highly suggested due to its rapidness in building or developing websites.

  1. Easy To Use

CodeIgniter offers its developers the most acceptable interface with its best PHP framework. The configuration of the CI framework can be done effortlessly to meet your company’s needs. It also aids in enhancing the performance of your enterprise. It can also be learned and comprehended in a short period. Future upgrades can be done with ease due to the deployment of controllers and other tools.

Hire PHP CodeIgniter Developer!

The CodeIgniter is considered one of the best open-source PHP frameworks. It becomes a piece of cake for the developers to build or develop web applications because of the CI development company’s cleaner and friendlier URLS offerings. Apart from all these, the CI excels when it comes to the debugging feature.

It detects the bugs in no time and warns the developers of errors and other threats that hinder the website’s normal working.

Almost all businesses and companies are giving preference to hire a CI developer. Their expertise will give you access to a smooth framework and provide your website with high-end security. Moreover, its rapid web app development framework provides developers with a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website interface.