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Beard oil is probably the essential grooming product among beard grooming products. When you have a great beard, you will need to care for your facial hair to maintain its health. However, beard oil can also help during the beard growth stages, as beard oil also promotes your facial hair’s growth rate.

A good quality beard oil softens the facial hair and prevents and relieves beard itch while playing a significant role in making the facial hair look much better. However, it becomes necessary to choose a good quality beard oil that contains more organic ingredients.

Beard oil is filled with all the oils and nutrients that your hair and follicles need to grow well. Whatever the style you want, beard oil will help to achieve it. From a bold and rugged look to a classy and sophisticated look, beard oil can quickly help you achieve it. The benefit of beard oil is that it not only makes you look presentable only in the morning but throughout the day. And the best section is that you can easily add it into your daily routine. As soon as you start using good beard oil daily, you can notice that your beard has become healthier. Here in this article, we will watch the top 5 beard oils of famous brands, but before that, we will see some benefits of using beard oil.

Benefits of applying beard oil:

Those men who love to have a well-groomed beard everyday must use beard oil. Followings are some of the benefits of beard oil that you probably didn’t know before.

  • It softens your beard-

As you experience weather changes, your facial hair and the skin beneath it can become dry and dull. In such a scenario, beard oil can help a lot in moisturizing your beard and preventing it from beard itch. Also, regular application of beard oil can make your beard more manageable and smoother.

  • It eliminates beard itch-

When you start growing a beard during the initial stages, you can face itchiness. And to prevent beard itch, you will need beard oil to reduce the itchiness and restore your facial hair’s natural oil.

  • It reduces beard dandruff-

Hairs are prone to dandruff, whether it is scalp hair or facial hair. Beard dandruff occurs when the skin below the facial hair collects dry and flakes. Beard oil is made of essential and carrier oil that helps to get rid of beard dandruff.

  • It makes facial hair more manageable-

Some of the best beard oils have moisturizing properties that make your facial hair more manageable. In addition to this, the application of beard oil makes it easier to comb and shape. Although beard oil does not provide a hold as a beard wax and beard balm offer, it helps keep the beard well-kempt.

  • Beard oil can be scented and unscented-

Most of the beard oil comes with a masculine fragrance so that you look not only useful but also smell good. However, if you are among those men who have an allergy to scented products, you can choose a non-scented beard oil.

How to apply beard oil?

The use of beard oil is simple, and it can be included in your daily routine. The best way to put beard oil is to wash your facial hair with good quality beard shampoo. After a shower:

  1. Dry out your beard thoroughly and take a few drops of your chosen beard oil into your palm.
  2. Rub your hands to spread the beard oil on both hands and gently it into your beard.
  3. Start from the base of the hair follicles and then go down to the tip. This will ensure that the oil has reached thoroughly every part of your facial hair.
  4. Use a quality comb to distribute the oil evenly.

Top 5 Beard Oil Brands:

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil-

Every man might have heard about Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil; the foremost benefit of this beard oil is made with seven organic oils, which can easily suggest that it is the best choice. All the ingredients in the product are 100 percent natural. The oils included in this beard oil are- avocado oil, jojoba oil, virgin pumpkin seed, sweet almond oil, pure argan oil, apricot, kukui oil moringa. After using the oil, you can observe that your facial hair has become healthier and grows faster.

All the oils in this product promote beard growth; know more about how is argan oil good for beards?

Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil-

When you search for a beard oil that can help you get rid of beard itch and dandruff, then mountaineer brand beard oil is the best choice. The oil is made of some premium quality oils and few natural oils.

The beard oil hydrates the skin beneath the facial hair and treats dry skin. The primary ingredient involved is grapeseed, almond, castor oil, cedarwood, eucalyptus leaf oil, and fir needle.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil-

When you think of beard oil that can make your facial hair stronger without leaving it greasy, Smooth Viking beard oil is the best option. The oil is composed of potent ingredients such as vitamin E, avocado oil, argan oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and pumpkin seeds oil.

Ranger Grooming Co. Fragrance-Free Beard Oil-

Men dealing with dull, unruly, dandruff, and itchiness in their facial hair and slow beard growth rate must try ranger grooming co—beard oil. The best part of this oil is made with only two primary ingredients- jojoba oil and morocco argan oil. The beard oil is free from any filters, fragrances, parabens, and additives. If you wonder why the oil is only made of two ingredients, both the components get to soak in quickly and make your facial hair softer and tamed.

Bossman Jelly Beard Oil-

The pleasant thing about the product is that the beard oil is made from jelly. The ingredients include soybean oil, beeswax, castor oil, sunflower seed, avocado oil, shea and cocoa seed butter, and tocopherol. You can find three different fragrances in this oil- magic, hammer, and gold. The magic scent of this beard oil contains sandalwood and vanilla oils. The hammer contains lavender and geranium. Simultaneously, the gold scent is made with cedar, spruce, lemon, sandalwood, lavender, saffron spice, and bergamot.


To keep your beard, look healthy and good includes much more than just washing it. Beard oil is an essential product that can help you a lot with your grooming routine. Though finding the best beard oil is quite tricky, you can have a healthy, smooth, and shiny beard once you find a quality product. Also, beard oil can help you to prevent beard itch and dandruff.

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