A great pair of earrings can enhance the beauty and appeal of a woman’s appearance, as any woman will tell you. Did you know that some styles of earrings are better suited for certain face shapes? These guidelines will help you select the right style of earrings for you.

Earring styles and basic face shapes

First, decide what your face shape is. You can do this by pulling your hair back so your ears and face are visible. Then, ask a friend to take digital photos. Print it as large as you can with your printer so that it serves as a reference.

After you have printed the document, you can compare your face with the following. We have also included some famous faces with similar shapes to help you make a decision and compare. A few recommendations have been included on the best earring style for each facial type.

Oval features

You have a soft, round hairline and your forehead is usually wider than your chin. Your face length Length will be approximately 1.25% longer than its width. Kate Hudson and Beyonce Knowles are two famous examples of this facial style.

The most suitable design styles: Although this facial style suits the best soft shapes, teardrops ovals, ovals, pearls, pearls, and studs are the most popular, it is worth trying out other styles to see if they work for you.

Round features

A round face, as the name implies, is one where the length and width are nearly equal with a well-rounded chin. You’ll notice a similar facial style to celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Drew Barrymore.

The most suitable style: To make your ears appear longer, slimmer and curvier lines are best. Drop earrings, chain earrings, and striking angular earrings are all options that will suit your features. Avoid large, bulky pieces and hoop earrings. Stick to smaller stud earrings.

Facial features with heart-shaped features

Your jawline is narrow and accentuates the cheekbones, temples, and forehead. While your upper half will look similar to an oval face, your chin will be pointed. These facial features are well-known, such as Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, and Sophie Dahl.

The most suitable designs: You need earrings that are wider at the bottom than at the top. While triangular and pyramid designs are ideal, teardrop or oval designs will complement your features. Avoid earrings that point to the lower end of their shafts.

Square features

A broad face is characterized by strong features, an accentuated jawline and straight hairline. Some of the people with facial features are Salma Hayek, Demmi Moore and Gwyneth paltrow.

The most suitable style: Large, angular earrings are best for you because of your large features and angular faces.

Oblong features

Although your face looks very similar to the square features described above, it is much longer than its width. These features are a hallmark of Sarah Jessica Parker and Angelina Jolie.

Large, hanging earrings are the best for you. Plain studs can also be a good choice, as they tend horizontally to expand your eyes.

Remember to always try new earrings on and get another opinion, preferably from someone you trust. Online shopping? Get a friend to help you.