Prom night is one of the most-anticipated events of high school. It is regarded as one of the most amazing and magical nights by students. To put it precisely, it is one of the highlights of the high school experience. The excitement of asking someone out to be their date on the night of the prom is just another factor which makes the dance the most awaited night.

With it comes a great deal of pressure as well. The pressure to look and feel good! For men, it is finding that perfect tuxedo that would add stars to their masculinity. And for women, it is finding that unique dress that will exude royalty and exquisitely accentuate their curves. It is a beautiful experience for both! For many girls out there, this is perhaps the first time they are trying their hands at makeup and hairstyling or even wearing those high heels. And who doesn’t love dolling up!

Speaking of this, the dilemma of finding the right dress can very quickly turn excitement into anxiety. And why not? With a plethora of cuts and designs available, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on one dress to wear for that special night.

To make things relatively easy for all the pretty women out there, we have compiled a quick list of short prom dresses to help narrow down your choices. 

#1. Off-the-Shoulder Prom Dresses

Off-the-Shoulder Prom DressesThis particular style is one of the most popular choices for prom nights. If you are looking for an elegant option to flaunt that delicate neckline in addition to your shoulders, then off-the-shoulder prom dresses have got you covered.

Moreover, it will give that Old-World Hollywood glam aura, which is more than enough to make you stand apart from the rest. Just accessories it with the right earrings for an extra bit of bling, and you are good to go. Rock that party out, lovelies!

#2. One-Shoulder Designs

One-Shoulder DesignsIf you want to look happening, sexy yet sophisticated, then we suggest opting for a one-shoulder designed short dress. This design leaves one shoulder bare, which adds to the glamour quotient. In fact, you can add a contemporary dimension to your look by going for a ruffled one-shoulder design. Pair the dress with stilettos and a beautiful, chic up-do and watch as every eye is on you as you enter the party. We bet you will be the talk of the night!

#3. Statement-Back Designs

Statement-Back DesignsFor a lasting impression, simply slip into a dress with a statement-back design. They are a perfect design to add that element of oomph into your prom party. These come in plenty of designs and cuts. The cutouts and low V-backs is one way to look glam and hot. If you want to make a bold statement, then open backs are the right choice for you. Flaunt that back of yours by opting for a side-swept hairstyle and big, chunky hoops. Avoid dangling earrings or big bouncy hairstyles so that your back does not miss the well-deserved attention.

#4. Sequin Galore

Sequin GaloreYou cannot go wrong with this choice. Sequined dresses are a great and enjoyable way to add all the spark and glitter into your big night. Long sleeved sequin short dresses, in fact, look chic and above all, super elegant. Go for neutral makeup for some dimension and subtlety. As for hair, we suggest adding lovely curls or merely opting for a blow-out and sport a bouncy and voluminous hairdo. Additionally, only go for gold or silver nail paint to compliment the look.

#5. Bell-Sleeved Short Dresses

Bell-Sleeved Short DressesTo kill the monotony of typical ballroom dresses and flared silhouetted dress, we bring you this popular cut to rock at the prom. This perfect retro style will give you a sort of new yet vintage look. Try looking for the one with a plain base with all the details on the sleeves. The aspects such as floral or sequins on the sleeves will give the whole dress and ultimately the look a distinctive appeal. And we guess that is all that you are looking for; uniqueness and a little style here and there!

#6. Animal-Print Dresses

Animal-Print DressesThis is another way to break free from the monotonous and typical flared dresses. In fact, an animal printed short dress is quite a different take on prom dresses and will definitely help you in making a fashion statement at the much-awaited prom party. It is going to be one classy and bold attempt since no one really would expect someone to go for an animal print. Just accessorise it the right way and let the print do the talking. We, however, suggest pairing the dress with statement jewelry or a faux fur jacket to add a contrasting flavor to round off the look.

#7. Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail DressesAgain, you might just consider cutesy cocktail dresses while it is a norm to go for floor-length dresses for prom. Be different while at the same time, continue to be you! They are chic, comfortable, and appropriate for you to dance and groove at the prom. Pair it with heeled pumps with a chiseled, bronzy makeup to really bring the whole look to life. You can experiment all you want with your hair when it comes to cocktail dresses. If you are unable to make a choice, then a low chignon is what you can go for. If not a chignon then a fishtail braid, messy ponytail or loose curls, these, for instance, will only enhance the look. Take a clutch for a refined look and make sure to wear a stack of bracelets.

#8. Cape-Style

Cape-StyleIf you want to be the drama mama of the glamour world this prom night, then cape-style is all you need. This is one posh and a classy way to rock the prom look. Moreover, it just adds the correct amount of drama in the sexiest way possible. Since the entire cut and silhouette will ooze all the excitement, you can just keep the makeup as well as the hair rather subtle and straightforward. This will make sure that the dress gets its fair share of attention in addition to the look not appearing too extra or overpowering. Stay simple with the footwear also, and the same goes for the accessories. Studs and rings will be enough if you wish to add a little sparkle and bling here or there.

#9. Jacket-Style Short Dresses

Jacket-Style Short DressesThis particular design will come off as a fresh breathe of air amidst a crowd of typical ball gowns. It is a wee cutesy sporty and uber stylish look coupled with a new, contemporary appeal. Sleek and straight hair enhanced with a pearl hair clip in addition to dangling statement earrings will sit well with such a cut. Also, a belt with this sort of design will look cool.

And hey, be comfortable with the makeup. Winged eyeliner topped with falsies and a full-blown contoured face will make you the center of attention. Do not go for elaborate eye makeup as it will only reduce the dress’s star power.

#10. Long-Sleeved Off-the-Shoulder

Long-Sleeved Off-the-ShoulderThis is a variation of off-the-shoulder design we discussed earlier. For a modest yet elegantly, feminine look, nothing could be compared to a long-sleeved off-the-shoulder look. Pair it up with statement earring like the one with tassels or beads. To flaunt those shoulders and statement earrings, put your hair into an up-do to accentuate your facial features. If you want add a little drama to your look, then wearing a choker is the best way to add some. For a formal look, a choker of a satin or velvet fabric will work best.

#11. Boho-Style Dresses

Boho-Style DressesFor a unique look, boho-styles are genuinely a godsend. Those lightweight fabrics and soothing, colourful prints are just irresistible and nothing short than to die for. Bohemian style is all about taking risks, making bold choices, and incorporating fun and bright hues. Bring out the vibrant colours such as a hot red, shocking pink or breezy turquoise in action for this year’s prom.

Go floral or for crazy, eccentric patterns or retro prints. Let that hair flow or do a crown braid. Ace the look with chunky bracelets, rings, and long necklaces. Just simply let down your guard and let the boho inside you do the talking!

#12. Metallic Short Dresses

Metallic Short DressesNothing gives off a party vibe like a metallic dress! Moreover, they are quite the talk of the town as they are really in demand and definitely here to stay. They can be quite intimidating in terms of styling but not at all impossible. It is all about framing and using the right accessories to style them. The game of aesthetics has to be strong here! If there is one tip we would like you ladies to know is that always choose a gold or silver footwear when it comes to metallic dresses. Pop on a leather jacket. Metallic and leather are a match made in heaven!

#13. V-Neck Short Dresses

V-Neck Short DressesThe dresses with a statement neckline are always a hit! They make heads turn like nothing else. To compliment that V-neck, a choker would definitely be appropriate. Other than this, a long-layered and delicate necklace will also make the cut suit such a neckline. Furthermore, you can add a dimension to the overall look by wearing a belt where the neckline ends.

All in all, to be able to rock such an edgy and bold neckline, the best accessory out there is nothing but your confidence. So keep that head high and be the prom queen you have been wishing for!

#14. Puff-Sleeves Mini Dress

Puff-Sleeves Mini DressProm is all about the tiniest details. And when it comes to details in a dress, then sleeves are the easiest way to grab the attention. As much as the bell sleeves we discussed earlier draws attention, so does a puffed one. They ooze out an effortless tale of grace and style! Put your hair in a sleek yet voluminous up-do for the sleeves to stand out. In addition to this, pair it up with chandelier earrings and a bold lipstick for a bit of oomph. Also, go a little dramatic with your eyeliner for a retro and 70’s vibe.

To bring a little balance or tone down the whole look, opt for a statement bag and pointed shoes.

#15. The Wrap Affair

The Wrap AffairSuch a design is effortless to carry and very flattering to each and everybody type in terms of shape and size. It beautifully defines the waist and gives women the most desirous hourglass figure. Moreover, the higher the heels, the better a wrap dress will look. Speaking of this, nothing goes well enough with a wrap dress than strappy heels. We suggest pairing it with a luxury watch and a box clutch to complete the look. You can even dress it up with a blazer and be as dramatic as you want with the hair to add a little twist.

We have given you fifteen top examples to choose from. In a nutshell, short dresses are always a unique yet proven way to stand out in a sea of gowns. Not only will you look different, but you can even dance your heart out without worrying about tripping and falling over your floor-length gown. Moreover, when it begins to heat up, you will be grateful for how the choice of wearing a short dress gave you fresh and bare legs.  

Above all, you have so much to play with when it comes to short dresses. The possibilities are limitless!