Benefits of Door Access Control System

With increasing crime rate across the world, security has become one of the major concerns in business world. Be it a small shop, shopping mall, bank or a jewelry shop, the owners of these places should install enough security devices to protect their property. Door access control system helps in making your workplace secured.  Let us have a brief look at what is this system, how it works and what are its benefits. 

What is Door Access Control System?

Access control system allows the management to restrict the entry and exit of employees or outsiders. It is electronically powered system that uses cards or credentials to grant the access. The management creates the settings of access control depending on the ranks of employees or their shifts.  The person who wants an access would require making an access grant request at a card reader.  Card reader sends the signal to access control unit. Finally, user is given the permission to enter by unlocking the door. So if you do not grant the access then no one can enter into your property. 


Such system often comprises of following components: 

  • Electric locks
  • Access control panel
  • The access control server
  • Card-programming machine

What are Different Types of Access Control Systems? 

There are three types of access control system: 

  • Role-based access control where employees of the same department have an equal access to any area. 
  • Discretionary access control where owner decides the access to each door. 
  • Mandatory access control that allows the security office to control the access in real time. 

Benefits of Door Access Control System:

Automated access control system has many advantages that are mentioned below: 

  • It makes an access secured yet easy for employees. 
  • It eliminates the need of safeguarding the keys and replacing the keys when lost.
  • It eliminates the fear of lost and duplicating the keys. 
  • The system also saves the money spent on security personals. 
  • It is easier to keep the track record of the people who visit your office. 
  • Access control system eliminates the risk of unwanted visitors and reduces the security threat.
  • This system allows to create flexible schedules for both employees and managers easily, and managers are not required to stay back to make entry exit notes. 
  • You can keep your data secured under door access control system.  Therefore, there is a minimal risk of data breach. 
  • If you have multiple buildings like schools or hospitals where same staff requires access in both buildings lock and key system will prove to be hazardous and complicated.  You can grant access to such people by single card in all the locations. 
  • In case of emergencies like fire access control system is much safer for employees as it allows them to leave the building. Whereas locks and keys system in such circumstances would prove hazardous. 
  • This system allows you to reduce the theft of assets, supplies and equipment as only trusted people are allowed in the rooms. 
  • If you have an office or industrial area where you are dealing with hazardous equipment or materials like chemicals in the laboratories, these systems prevent accidents by granting limited access to authorized staff only. You can separate the zones according to their level of risk. 

These were some essential FAQS and benefits of door access control system.  So now you can search such access control system online to choose the best one. Make sure, you must check the features, installation cost and maintenance fees of these access control systems before you install.