birthday party

For a lot of people, it becomes difficult to plan and manage an event, whether it’s a small or big event it really causes a headache as they have to deal with a lot of stuff. To organize a birthday party many things need to be taken into consideration like planning, party supplies, foods, scheduling, managing guests and also executing all things properly without any problems. This takes a lot of effort and time to plan a successful and memorable celebration. Some people use paper and pen to note down the details regarding the plan, event, costing and other things, then they execute their task accordingly.

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So this can be made easy and convenient by using mobile apps that are built specifically to plan the birthday party. If you are an android user here are some of the apps that will help you to plan your birthday party event the way you want.

#1. Event planner

Event PlannerEvent planner is an app that will help you to plan your birthday party event and also help you to keep everything related to your birthday under control. It allows managing the guest list with details like gender, age, invitation, attendance, shopping list, costing, budget planning. The users can export the guest list as CSV file. Not only for the birthday party it’s also used for managing wedding and other social events.

This app is free but costs $1 per item for in-app products.


#2. My party planner app

My party planner app helps you to plan your events, parties, Shopping list, wholesale party supplies and decorations. It is user-friendly and has multiple sections that include Guest, Menu, budget, shopping list, To-do list along with some basic information. It has key feature like

  • To-do list for easy planning of the event
  • Easy contact and importing guests data within the app
  • Assigning of task, guests and shopping supplies when planning the menu.
  • Easy search of recipes
  • Saving recipes of URL for user future reference.

This app also comes in free and paid versions. The lite version is free while the full app costing $2. Upgrading to full app provides an additional feature like backup and restoring the data.


#3. Birthday Planner

birthday plannerBirthday party planner app helps you to plan your birthday and can share your ideas, checklist and your plan with your friends and family. This will provide an opportunity to discuss your plan and share your event plan with your friends and family members. It comes with a configurable checklist and with lots of items needed to plan birthday party. You can save all the time typing the list as you can check/uncheck and reuse every time you plan a birthday party event.

Some of the key features it includes:

  • Cloud sync and share
  • Quick navigation
  • Quick add and auto sort option
  • Internet is not required. It requires internet permission if you want to avail cloud sync features.
  • Hide or move checked items
  • Option to check the list and rearrange items.
  • Easy share via email and Bluetooth enabled device

This app best suit for organizing small birthday party events. It lets you make various lists of an event and can classify each task separately. This app is paid and available for $1 from the play store.


#4. Party Mixer

party mixerIt is not a party without any music. Whether you organize a birthday party, wedding party, bachelorette party, holiday party etc, you always need some tunes to enjoy the moment. The party mixer app lets you to play music as per your playlist. The app is designed in such a way that it is really easy to use and can play music like a DJ. The main features of the app are

  • You can play 2 tracks simultaneously
  • Crossfade between two tracks
  • Set and change tempo/pitch
  • Access all tracks saved in your device
  • Playlist search option


#5. Pepper Plate

Pepper platePepper plate is an android app that helps to manage all your recipe, shopping lists, menu on your android mobile. This can help you to manage your recipe list and shopping list for organizing a birthday party event. You can organize your recipe and menus for birthday party foods and snacks. Some of the features of pepper plate app are:

  • Manage your recipe and cook your whole menu
  • Create your own recipe and share with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Add to your shopping list and it will automatically sync to your mobile phone
  • Set multiple timers for all the recipes in your menu

You can download this app for free from Google play store.


#6. 24 me

24meIt is really a nice organizational app for planning small events like a birthday party. It is handy and helps you to perform your task as per your planning. The app comes with an integrated to-do list, add notes, integrated calendars. Some of the benefits of using this app is that it automates event and sends you reminders for your tasks and schedules. Helps In managing your social networks, financial data to pay your bills, service providers and many more. The main features of this app are:

  • Automatically generates your task and reminders
  • Easy to share To-do list
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Convert your voice into text

Available for free from Google play store.


#7. Wunderlist

WunderlistWunderlist is an android app that helps people around the world to perform the task, share ideas and host plan. This app makes it easy to share your grocery list, vacation plan, birthday party plan, task management and many more with everyone.  You can access all your lists from anywhere as it instantly syncs the data between your phone and computer.


#8. Punchbowl

PunchbowlPunchbowl is an excellent app that is used to create and personalize invitations for free. You can pick up your favorite invitations from thousands of designs and invite your guests by email or text message. The app includes many popular categories like Birthdays, Weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Baby showers and more. Key Features include

  • Touch-friendly controls
  • Import photos from the gallery and add to selected designs
  • Send invites via email or text message from the app
  • Keep a track of RSVPs


#9. Super Planner

Super plannerThis app is good for event planning available for Android app and mostly designed for the professional event planner. It provides many event planning tools like calculators for venue capacity, catering, projection, staging, dance floor, and many other things.


#10. Seating arrangement

seating arrangementIt is a simple app used to make sitting arrangement for your event guests. Simple to use and you can plan your floor plan however you like. You can play with the arrangements for guests until you find the best as per the size of the floor. By using this app you can also manage chairs and tables.