How Can You Make the Change to an Electric Car

If you are thinking about making the change to an electric car, know that you are not alone. This is becoming the most popular trend in the car purchasing market. The transition has not fully captured the market, but it has continued to grow steadily over the past couple of years. However, it is not easy to know if now the right time is to make the change. There are lots of different factors that you should consider. Here are just a few for you to think about. 


To complete your transition from a combustion car to an electric one you are going to need to know how and where to charge it. Whilst many electric car owners charge at home as most cars can be charged by a standard wall socket, this is not an option for everybody. Fortunately, you can now find maps online that show you exactly where you can go to charge your car in public. PlugShare has created a helpful map that will show you where you can go to juice up your car,, the only problem you will have is that you need to wait for it. 

The expense

Many people think that to get an electric vehicle they have to spend the big bucks. However, this is not the case. Whilst there are expensive models out there such as the Tesla and the Jaguar, there are still accessibly priced ones on the market. The initial cost of a lower-end electric vehicle will still be a premium cost for a diesel vehicle, but the running costs will be significantly lower as electric car maintenance tends to be cheaper and less frequent compared to gasoline-powered counterparts. If you can afford to pay the initial cost, then it won’t be long before you are seeing the benefit in your bank account. 

Are they green enough? 

This is a really interesting discussion point around electric vehicles. In order to make an electric car, it has to have a huge chemical battery made and placed within it. This is made using rare earth elements and quite a large carbon footprint. However, this is a small price to pay compared to the carbon footprint produced by a combustion engine over 5-10 years which is the average life of a car. Your electric vehicle contributes almost nothing after it has been made. 

They aren’t as weird as they seem

Just because these cars don’t have an engine and run almost silently, they aren’t weird. Many ‘engine heads’ like to think that an electric vehicle won’t be as enjoyable to drive but that is not the case. There is little difference between an electric and combustion vehicle other than the sound and the emissions. In fact, an electric vehicle truly lets you enjoy the view from your car on any road trip with the silence of its engine.                                                                                       

Converting to an electric vehicle 

Many people will be scared of coming over to the electric vehicle but that is because it is a change and it’s new. However, change is nothing to be afraid of. It won’t be long until everyone is driving one so don’t be late to the party.