Too often students think of algebra as only a theoretical topic that has no practical application to real life. The way in which it is presented to students makes them think that algebra is valueless. Algebra is a precise and concise mathematical language that is used to describe situations involving one or more variables. Now think of how often our lives have variables in them!

Mathematics is one of the important things that we learn in our life. As a baby, we learn to count, to use building blocks and then we move on to learn to draw shapes and figures. All these things prepare you for algebra. Some might refer to algebra as the point where letters got involved in mathematics. Algebra is a broad field of advanced mathematics that involves the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. It forms the basis for advanced studies in many fields like medicine, engineering, science, etc. Algebra, in its simplest form, involves equations to find the unknown. Real life problems stimulated the development of algebra. The first use of algebra dates back to over 4000 years ago to the Babylonians.

Algebra provides the basic foundation for advanced mathematics and for other subjects that one will learn as they proceed through high school and then college. Learning algebra can help you develop logical reasoning, critical thinking skills, inductive and deductive skills, problem-solving skills and many more. Many professions require an extensive knowledge of algebra. Now you might wonder about the books and resources to refer to practice algebraic problems to develop a strong foundation of algebra. Don’t worry, we will help you through it! The NCERT class 10 maths textbook covers various topics of algebra including quadratic equations, polynomials, etc. One can refer NCERT solutions for class 10 maths to practice a variety of problems on algebra and become well versed with it. You can rely on NCERT solutions not just for algebra but also for various topics in maths like geometry, arithmetic, etc.

So if you are a student who finished reading this article, then it is time for you to take algebra seriously! Whether you like it or not, numbers will haunt you till the day you get old. Act fast and understand everything about Algebra while you are still young!

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