5 ways to promote your app on a tight budget

So you have a developed an app which you think has all that it takes to become the next WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, or Prisma. You invested a good amount of money in developing it and making it reach that A-list level. Everything is going great. Until… You realize that you didn’t set a budget aside for the promotion and marketing of this app that has the potential to revolutionize the whole industry. Now with this limited budget, the obvious outcome for your app would be that it won’t reach the masses and remain something that had so much potential.

If you, reading this, are finding yourself stuck in a similar situation, let us change the usual outcome NOW. First off, before we start, know that yours is not some random app, what you have developed has all that is taken to rule in the market for years to come. With that sorted, let us start with how you can promote your mobile app for free. Yes, you read it right. For Free.

Here’s how – 5 Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free

You can always try pitching the industry influencers and A listed app review websites like The AppStoreApps, AppAdvice, and 148 apps, but more than half of the time, the chances of getting a response depend on whether you are a big brand or not. In case you are not, don’t make this point your priority and keep reading…

1. Make a Microsite

The first thing that you will have to do is create a microsite. Give a separate section to your app on the website and place it where users will see it first. It might be in the right side corner or at the center of the page as a pop up.

The aim is to have a visibly separate place for the visitors to see your app launch.

2. Use Social Media. Extensively

Without spamming yourself, promote your app everywhere on the social media. Go a step beyond from traditional Facebook and Twitter. Use out of the box methods also like to make a Vine video describing your app as a teaser or make a podcast about why you went with this idea and what will make your app The App. Get high on Pinterest, upload images and GIFs and flood Pinterest.

3. Get your game on with App store Optimization

App Store Optimization is the Search Engine Optimization of your app. Let the installers see that while there are similar apps son the store, but yours is simply unique. And the only way for you to be that One App is to be optimized on the store.  Think as an installer and put in words that you would use when looking for an app like yours. Use the App Description section to instill keywords and be Google search worthy.

4. Rely on Penetration Pricing

The quickest way to get more installs for your app is to set the penetration pricing methodology. Launch your app at a low price to garner maximum interest from the prospects. You can always make up for the low launch price by attaching a price for an upgrade or premium.

5. Head to the Various Review Websites

If there is one easy way to get a ready made customer base to your app, it is populating your app on the various review websites on the internet. Here is a list of 10 websites straight from Netted and Product Hunt to Beta list that can be used to promote your app for free or at a minimal cost.