Youtube to WAV Converters

As there is limitless growth and expansion in the digital world, the demand for visual and audio content is also propelling. People rely on this content to acquire meaningful insights personally or professionally. For years, the demand for youtube has increased in various means. Having traveled far being an entertainment platform, Youtube is a source of learning, discovering the latest trends, and even troubleshooting and problem-solving. If you are an IT professional, you might have relied on youtube videos to view the reviews for some IT products to make informed decisions.

We often download or save the youtube content for future reference. But one of the issues faced by people who depend on youtube for content is that youtube doesn’t support downloading audio files. It forces people to depend on third-party software and applications for audio downloads. If you are one among them, no worries. You are at the right place. This blog will let you know the top 10 youtube to WAV converters that will help you in your tasks. 

But before moving on it, let’s discuss why WAV converters are a better option for converting youtube audio files. 

Why WAV Converters for Audio Downloads

Here are some points to know the significance of downloading audio files via WAV converters. 

WAV, known as Waveform Audio File Format is an uncompressed form of audio resulting in high-quality audio. Now you might be wondering why? Because the WAV is an uncompressed format, it doesn’t lose any data during encoding. This advantage makes it a better choice than MP3 and AAC.

Nevertheless, it secures the original audio quality you experience from youtube, ensuring flexible compatibility with most software and hardware. Due to being a high-quality audio provider, WAV audio formats become the right choice for audio editing and mixing that can be used for various purposes. 

 Since there are a lot of youtube to WAV converters, it might be a bit confusing to choose the right one. Here are the best picks that might be suitable for you. 

Top 10 Youtube to WAV converters in 2023

Joyoshare Vidikit

Are you in search of a user-friendly tool to convert your youtube audio to WAV format? Then Joyoshare Vidikit, previously known as Joyoshare video converter will be a perfect choice for you. With impeccable versatility and flexibility in supporting most video and audio file formats, this WAV converter is a time saver by converting the audio quickly with 60X speed. 

Assuring a high-quality output, the Joyoshare Viditkit is capable of supporting more than 150 formats like MP4, MP3, M4A, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a professional, the interface is smoother, ensuring user-friendly navigation. The users can explore additional features such as trimming and effects. Even though users experience limited features in the free version, the intact quality with a high-quality conversion makes the Youtube to WAV converter one of the best choices. 

  • Impressive conversion speed upto 60X
  • Provides 100 presets for trending devices
  • Exceptional tools to convert, compress, and watermark
  • Limited features in the free trial

HitPaw Video Converter

Looking for the best Youtube to WAV converter for beginners? Choose the HitPaw Video Converter. Being one of the best converters with a user-friendly interface, HitPaw is a one-stop solution for converting videos into diverse file formats such as MP4, WAV, AVI, MOV, etc. 

Being a less time-consuming converter, users could easily copy and paste the link to the converter and wait for the output. Providing inclusive guidelines and easy navigation, users could also convert a local video by dragging it for processing. In addition to these features, what makes the software more impeccable is its built-in editing tools for making the downloaded videos more effective. It makes the software a good choice for various purposes, including professionally and personally. 

  • Hassle-free navigation and accessible features
  • Excessive editing features make it a good fit for creators 
  • Compatible and supports most websites
  • Downloading files might take time compared to other converters or tools
  • Expensive for Mac users

YT Converter

Are you looking for a free tool to convert youtube audio to WAV audio file format? The YT converter is one of the best free and safe-to-use converter tools that aid users to convert audio into WAV file format in no time. The reliable and user-friendly interface makes the process smoother. 

What makes the software impressive is you can also convert audio into other formats such as MP3, M4A, etc.  It also helps the users by providing further tools such as an audio cutter, thumbnail downloader, or video cutter. 

  • Can be used without any registration. 
  • Free to use
  • The simplest way to convert the videos to WAV audio file format
  • Conversion might take time

Minitool youtube converter

If you are looking for a WAV converter specifically for youtube? Then Minitool youtube converter will be a good pick for you. It is one of the best WAV converters dedicated to youtube. It is considered one of the multipurpose tools that will help users download videos and playlists in high quality along with subtitles. 

With an impressive resolution, you can acquire the output in multiple formats with great flexibility and versatility. Even though the software needs to be installed, Minitool is a free tool with no in-app purchases or ads. 

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Adjustable video and audio quality
  • Impressive downloading speed
  • Supports operating systems of Mac and Windows only
  • Lacks a feature to download videos from other videos streaming platforms 


With a comprehensive approach to allowing users to convert, edit and download, VideoProc is the most robust software as a youtube to WAV converter. With a great capacity, this WAV converter allows batch downloading and converting of files. 

This WAV converter provides impressive video editing features that enforces most users to choose this software. The software supports files with multiple formats other than WAV. Resulting in high-quality outputs, the VideoProc has user-friendly interfaces. The users might find limited features in the free version of the software. But, it could be an impressive solution for users, searching for software, not only for converting but also for downloading and editing. 

  • Provides a free version for the users
  • No hassles of ads
  • All-in-one solution to edit, convert, and download videos 
  • Limited features in free versions

iTube Go

If compatibility is your concern, then iTube Go would be a great pick for you. The software is a video and audio downloader having an audio converter that allows you to convert the audio to various formats like WAV. Providing a built-in browser, the software supports bulk downloads. Along with multiple formats, iTube Go is a software that has great compatibility with various devices such as iOS, Android, and others. 

Even though it supports MAC, it is not the best tool for it because of the generic features meeting the requirements. Unlike other converters, iTube Go suggests videos and movies that have subtitles that you can easily download. 

  • A great choice for 8k video quality
  • Allows to trim and cut the youtube videos
  • Easy to add subtitles to the youtube videos
  • Reasonable downloading speed
  • Provides limited features in the free versions
  • Lacks browser extension
  • Doesn’t supports many formats 


Searching for the best possible way for a smoother extraction of audio files from youtube videos? YTBTO is one of the best options that enables quick conversion of youtube videos in WAV formats. Assuring high-quality audio formats, you will get audio in a desired quality like 720p, 1080p, etc. Since it doesn’t hassle the process through ads, the converter impresses the users with an easy conversion. 

  • No need for a particular subscription for conversions
  • Assures security 
  • Depends on the network status 


Searching for an online tool to convert your youtube videos into audio in the desired format? Zamzar would be applicable. This way, you could easily convert your youtube videos through a web browser. Being a cloud-based browser, it supports more than 1100 formats including WAV format. 

Even though it lacks the capacity to convert videos above 150MB, this online tool will be a great asset for users who are seeking easy conversion of videos to audio formats. 

  • No hassles to download or install the software
  • An easy three-step process to get the audio in the desired quality
  • Might be a bit slow during the conversion of audio files

Freemake Video Downloader

Looking for a perfect Youtube to WAV converter with enhanced user experiences? Then, you can choose Freemake Video Downloader. Do you know why? It is one of the simple and easy software that works on DXVA and CUDA technology.

This software is meant for professional usage where you can easily download and convert video content from youtube and other sites into your desired formats. It has been said that the software has the potential to convert videos to audio from approx of 1000 sites. 

  • Ability to convert enormous youtube videos at a time
  • Easy and simple navigation
  • Limitations to the users using the free trial 

 SurFast Video Downloader

What if your converter enables conversion to WAV but also to other formats? Yes, Surfast Video Downloader is one of the best video downloaders that allows users to convert files in various formats like WAV, MP3, MP4, WebM, and others.

Other highlighting features that impress most users are that the surfast video downloader supports other sites and allows easy download from websites such as TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, etc. The users don’t have to worry about the quality of the results since the software gives the expected results supporting 720p to 8k. 

  • Supports diverse audio formats 
  • Enables free trial
  • Desired audio quality 
  • Limited features in a free trial 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the WAV audio format a better choice than others?

WAV audio format is considered the ideal format that doesn’t lose any original content. The audio files in this format are not compressed during encoding. Due to these reasons, it becomes a better choice for professionals expecting to extract accurate audio formats. 

Is WAV audio format better than MP3?

Yes, the WAV audio format is better than MP3 because MP3 audio files are smaller and might lose some data. However, the WAV audio format will consist of more data without any compression while extracting audio. 

Wrapping Up

These five Youtube to WAV converters are the best options for converting audio files and are used in many fields. Being easily accessible, these tools help you in gaining high-quality conversions without losing any data. As technology advanced the demand for these tools or software would be increased for diverse purposes, including media, content creation, and Managed IT Services, especially in terms of handling the digital assets of organizations. 


So, it is better to know about such software for your present and future needs that can be easily accessed by installing the software or using it online.

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