YouTube Premium vs Youtube TV

The world’s renowned video-sharing platform, YouTube, is known for its engaging features and captivating content. Created in 2005, this video-sharing platform has evolved in recent years. With YouTube you can create content and share videos, including vlogs, tutorials, and music videos for information and entertainment.

Nevertheless, this popular content-sharing platform has introduced premium subscription offers for viewers. The new debate, YouTube Premium vs. YouTube TV, has surfaced over the internet. You can now find more perks and features in Youtube Premium.

Before jumping into the perks and features of YouTube Premium, it is vital to understand the difference between the two. Online streaming has become a norm among the masses. However, knowing which platform will benefit you the most is essential.

With a quick overview to help you decide better what will suit you the best.

Did you know? YouTube Premium offers the removal of ads, allowing users to enjoy videos without interruptions.

Say yes to bufferless streaming: Pick your choice from YouTube TV and YouTube Premium

Catch more entertaining videos and vlogs and more entertaining videos to fill your quality time with laughter and joy! The all-new premium YouTube is filled with rewarding features that will help you enhance your streaming experience.

Nevertheless, YouTube TV is still widely popular among the masses. So, what’s the need for a YouTube premium? Is it worth your time and money? This comparison aims to give you a clear picture of this renowned video-sharing platform.

Are you ready to indulge in the entertaining world of YouTube? Let’s get going.

Fun fact: The most viewed video on YouTube is “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong, with over 10 billion views.

Youtube Premium

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service offered by YouTube. This special offer includes perks and services that make the user experience more engaging. But are these features worth it? Let’s find out.


Ad-free viewing

YouTube ads can be annoying at times. You can feel distracted while playing a video on YouTube. The premium feature of YouTube offers ad-free viewing. You can stream your favorite videos without ad interruption. 

This feature lets you enjoy a seamless viewing experience that makes your time more cherishable. 

Youtube originals

By subscribing to the YouTube premium version, you unlock the doors to the most exclusive content on YouTube. YouTube originals offer a range of choices in movies, series, and shows. Experience a diverse range of videos by popular content creators.

Background playing

Hated closing YouTube to open other apps? With YouTube Premium, you can now enjoy seamless music or video playback features. This feature allows you to multitask without any hurdles.

Offline downloads

No internet connection? No problem; you can now download your favorite music videos, tutorials, and vlogs to keep it on the go. Watch it wherever you are without stressing over connectivity issues.

Family Sharing

Include your family members by adding up to six family members. YouTube Premium offers family plan options at the time of subscription.

Pricing and plans

YouTube Premium offers a pricing plan that facilitates every budget size. You can choose from two major types of pricing plans.

Individual plan

YouTube Premium facilitates individuals with tight budgets. Choose an individual plan and enjoy ad-free viewing for a monthly price range of  USD 11.99 to USD 12.99/month. 

Family plan 

Enjoy background music and spend quality time with your loved ones by subscribing to a family plan. YouTube Premium offers subscriptions for a price range of USD 17.99 to USD 18.99 per month.

Adds on features of YouTube premium

The content on YouTube Premium is not limited. You can enjoy great features that can enhance your user experience. Here are added features that make your time entertaining.

  • Youtube kids
  • Variety of content
  • Youtube premium music

Youtube Tv

YouTube TV is the most popular choice for TV devices. You can watch on-demand videos and catch live sports action on TV. Various features of YouTube TV can enhance your viewing experience.


Live Tv streaming

Tired of waiting for your favorite shows or videos to upload late? Don’t miss a chance to capture live moments! Live TV streaming instantly lets you catch your favorite shows and sporting events.

Cloud DVR

Is there too much content on YouTube TV? You can now save and re-watch your favorite videos on a cloud-based DVR. With YouTube TV, you can stream your favorite shows anywhere.

Multiple user profiles

Do you have a creative mind that is filled with new content ideas? Enjoy multiple user profiles within a single account. You can keep your personalized recommendations, DVR recordings, and settings.

Sports and local channels

YouTube TV offers you a range of channels. It includes sports networks, local channels, entertainment channels, and more.

Pricing and plans

The subscription fee for YouTube TV is USD 72.99/month. Under this subscription, you can enjoy national and local networks, on-demand movies, and shows. Also, unlimited cloud DVR storage space is included in it.

Add on features of YouTube TV

Subscribing to YouTube TV can bring you many add-on features. You can control what you see and what you don’t want. Customizable content gives you more freedom to enjoy your time. 

  • Live pause and rewind
  • No-long term contract
  • User-friendly interface

YouTube Premium vs. YouTube TV Key differences

To identify key differences between YouTube TV and premium subscriptions, you must be familiar with key differences. To choose wisely between YouTube TV and premium, you can look for major differences.

FeaturesYoutube TvYoutube Premium 
Service typeLive Tv streamingSubscription based
ContentLive Tv channels, news sports,entertainmentAd-free Youtube videos,originals,music streaming
DVR functionalityCloud DVR for recording live Tv showsNo DVR functionality
Background playbackNot applicablePlays videos in the background
Access to Youtube musicNot includedIncluded subscription to Youtube music premium
Offline downloadsNot applicableDownload videos for offline viewing
Exclusive contentNot applicableAccess to Youtube originals
Ad-free viewing Limited to live Tv broadcastAd-free experience for all Youtube videos
Supported devicesVarious device access including smart tv and phonesWide range of smart tvs
Family sharingNot availableFamily plan included
Geographical availabilityLimited to United StatesAvailable in multiple regions

With the above chart, you can decide about YouTube TV and premium. Both features offer you a range of choices. You can pick any of it that suits you well. 

Did you know? Every minute, over 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Furthermore, YouTube has been translated into over 100 languages.

Find more answers in the FAQ section.


Can I watch YouTube TV on multiple devices?

You can watch YouTube TV on multiple devices simultaneously. 

Can I record shows on YouTube TV?

YouTube TV includes a cloud DVR feature allowing you to record and save shows in your watch later.

Can I share my YouTube premium subscription with family members?

 Under family plans, you share your premium subscription with up to six family members with individual accounts. 


YouTube Premium vs. YouTube TV: What do you choose? Either way, you can enjoy entertaining videos and groove on your favorite. However, you can enjoy a seamless user experience with value-added features in YouTube Premium.

Opt for YouTube TV or premium today and subscribe to your favorite channels. If you’re interested in sports-related content and want insights, catch the Infinitude Fight YouTube channel. They offer a wide range of boxing and gear tips to keep you updated with the latest happenings.