Secure Your Data

Today’s cyber attacks and identity theft are rampant and your data, from your social security number to credit cards. Up until now, your only way of securing your data was using caution, changing up passwords, and trying to be wary of suspicious activity. Unfortunately, that provides little to no real protections from data attacks by hackers. Luckily, private emails were created to safeguard your personal data.

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What is a private email service?

Simply put, a private email service is a service offered by companies that set you up with email access through a private server. This creates your own email system, so all of your programs and your computer are completely private and in your control.

Here is a range of features that your private email service should offer:

  • Government level security- If hackers can attack governments how easy would it be to enter and steal your data? Make sure you have the highest level of protection by choosing a private email service, like Eprivo, that understands the need for physical and digital security
  • Uses your same email info-Most people have used the same email address for a long time, so having to suddenly change is a burden. Ensure you don’t have to by choosing service with no new name email requirements
  • Privacy Everywhere-What’s the point of having a private email service if sending an email to someone who doesn’t isn’t protected? There isn’t one. Now some private email service providers offer cloud-like security so your information is secure whether communicated with someone who has private email or doesn’t!
  • Free trials-You don’t have to have a James Bond salary to afford to protect your data and your family. Look for a company that gives you a while to check out their services for free and has a low subscription plan. There are some for just a few dollars a month!
  • Family plans-one account for everyone at the click of a button allows you to monitor your family’s security as well. Having a privacy manager app on your smart device is a great way to stay on top of things.

Tips and Tricks

There are so many ways you can protect your privacy and when combined with a private email service, you can feel safe and secure. Cybercrimes are on the rise at an astronomical speed, as more and more criminals are choosing this digital playground as their easy attack zone.

Email used to be considered private, with many misleadings “Safeguards” protecting it, such as usernames and passwords. The truth is your private email account is an easy target for cyber attacks. Utilizing a private email service as well as following some easy protective measures will help you prevent these devastating hacks.

Some easy tips to keep in mind are the use of two-factor authentication and watching the number of emails you forward.

Two-factor authentication simply stated is “not having all your eggs in one basket”. In other words, like a debit card that requires a card and password, your private email service can work this way as well. By having a physical authentification process the hacker is unable to break into your email even if he has your password since he doesn’t have your phone, for example.

Forwarding emails is another security risk. Once forwarded your email becomes part of a public or corporate server. Choosing a private email service should include a block on forwarding to protect you at all times.

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There are many ways to protect yourself from hackers, but if you want digital and physical security, opting for a private email service is the way to go. Be smart and make sure you use security measures as well. Also, read through all the terms when choosing the perfect partner for your private email, so you know you are getting what you expect at a price point you can afford.