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In every home renovation project, the wall paint design plays an integral part. Whether you want to get rid of the existing paled wall paint coats. Or, need to revamp the living room’s wall paint, there are plenty of options. But, choosing the right wall paint colour can be difficult at times. 

Moreover, every homeowner needs to check a few factors before making a decision. You might have found the design eye-catching, but that’s not enough. Make sure to go with wall paint that has water-resistant capabilities. 

Do you have small rooms in the apartment? Don’t paint it with light colours like grey or white. Instead, use dark colours; it will make the small spaces look larger. Additionally, it will increase the aesthetic of this type of room. Put at least two coats of paint to make it durable. Also, it helps to ensure the paint colour is perfectly blended in the walls. 

Choose a wall paint design that has low or no VOC and those are safe to use. Even this sort of paint material helps to prevent the effects of off-gassing. With a simple upgrade, you can enhance the visual appearance of the house. Here, we have mentioned the best wall paint designs that are worth trying:

  • Harlequin 

Over the years, many homeowners have painted their house walls with this classic design. Moreover, this wall design will look good in an apartment’s kitchen and bedroom. But, don’t apply this wall paint in the living room, it won’t suit you there. Use subtle colour contrast in this trending wall paint design that will add resale value. 

If you are using light colours, go with the white and mint colour combination. Alternatively, you can use the white and the ash colour contrast in the bedroom. You can even use two bold colours for a more powerful effect. Get in touch with the professionals of painting services in Dubai to get this design. 

What are the Types of Equipment Required in Harlequin Wall Decoration?

Don’t try to paint the wall with Harlequin design by watching D-I-Y video tutorials. Because this wall painting process can be strenuous to perform. So, leave the painting part to the experts. Professionals use duct tapes to measure the diamonds of this wall painting design. So, reach out to a leading painting service company and decorate the walls without any hassle.

  • Stripes

If you want a simple and minimalist wall paint design, go with this one. Moreover, stripes design has remained the topmost choice of homeowners. And, there are hefty reasons behind that. Stripes, whether it is vertical or horizontal, create an illusion in the house walls. Stripe contrasts intend to make the rooms of the apartment/villa look bigger. But, opt for painting the wall with stripes only in the rooms with smaller spaces. 

Choose different colour combinations to completely transform the room’s outlook. You can use subtle colours like grey, cream, lavender and plum in this design. Additionally, the different shades of the same colour will create a clutter-free look. Keep a minimum amount of furniture in the room that will look elegant with this design. Here are some of the colour combinations that go with this design:

  • Black and white
  • Silver and black
  • Hoppen stripe white and Prussian blue
  • White and grey
  • Metallics

Metallic paint can make the damped house walls look bright. Moreover, this sort of paint colour adds an extra layer of protection to the walls. Even this type of wall paint is durable and doesn’t fade away easily. Go with painting the walls of the living room with a metallic finish. 

Moreover, a metallic hue provides a stylish statement in every type of house. One of the best things about this paint colour is that it comes in different textures. Here is the list of the metallic accents that are in high demand these days:

  • Matte metallic
  • Metallic silver
  • Molten metallics
  • Metallic Acrylic
  • Polka Dots

Interior designers recommend using polka dot wall designs to create a stylish statement. But, before making this wall decor, certain factors need to be considered. Choosing the right colour combination for the dots is important. Alongside, there should be at least 40-60 cm gaps between the dots. 

But don’t try to make the dots with D-I-Y wall painting ideas. Because by using those hacks, you might end up making the wall look worse. So, contact an experienced expert to perform the wall painting jobs efficiently.

  • Strie 

Strie paints usually create a subtle appearance in the faded walls. Moreover, every homeowner should use this design in the pillars along with walls. Bring back the elegance of the house by decorating it with the strie design. Even this wall paint design can make damp walls look beautiful. 

Additionally, the strie painting jobs can be done by anyone with bristle brushes. You might need to arrange paint pads, rags and paint trays before initiating the paint jobs. So, buy the necessary equipment and give a stunning effect on the walls. 

  • Stencils

Are you running on a tight budget but need to decorate the walls? Paint it with the stencil design. Furthermore, there is no need to involve a professional for wall sentencing. You need to choose a stencil design that will give an intriguing look in the space. 

To get stencils at a low cost, go to any e-commerce website and order a creative design. But, make sure to choose a design that goes with the wall colour. And, here is the list of the elements you will need to add stencils on the plain walls:

  • Pencil
  • Stencil brush
  • Paper towels
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Accent colour paint
  • Chalkboard Paint

You can opt for making chalk drawings to make the room playful and interesting. And, the renowned experts suggested applying chalkboard paint in the child’s bedroom. Alternatively, the homeowners can make chalk drawings in the playroom. 

Over the years, the popularity of chalkboard paint has increased. One of the primary reasons behind this is that it is scratch-resistant. And, here is what you need to consider while painting the walls with this decor:

  • Add at least two paint coats
  • Choose either magenta or green-coloured chalkboard paint
  • Fillup the crevices and gaps of the wall
  • Remove dust from the wall
  • Bold Paint Colour

Don’t put the wall paint on the entire wall. Instead, paint the bold colour in the half portion of the wall. Go with either matte black or teal to decorate the house walls. Moreover, the homeowners can apply paint colours like lime green or tangerine orange. Even canary yellow and fine-engine red will give a classy statement. And, for further bold colour paint ideas, reach out to an interior designing expert. 

  • Sponging

You might have already heard about this wall paint decor, right? Sponging involves an easy painting technique that can be done without having skill or experience. But, before sponging the paint colours on the wall, you need to look out for a few things. If the wall colour is dark blue, use light blue or golden to get a visually pleasing look. 

Always use the light shade of the wall paint in the sponging design. Are you thinking about where spaces sponging can be done? Start with decorating the living room first, and then paint your kid’s nursery. Make sure to buy a high-quality sponge paint roller to execute this wall paint idea.

  • Checkerboard 

Are you thinking about getting the classic black-and-white checkerboard design on the wall? Hire a professional painting service expert beforehand because painting the walls with this design can be complicated for an individual. Moreover, you have to keep the checkerboard size equal and perfect. 

Remove the existing wallpaper before getting this unique wall decor. You can choose different colour schemes minted of black and white. For instance, apply the metallic paint in one checkbox and soft grey on the other. So, choose the colour variations to create a bold statement. 

Are There Any Other Wall Paint Design to Choose From? 

You can make different patterns in the bedroom or living room wall. Consider using different colour palettes and geometric shapes to get a sophisticated look. Nowadays, the patterns like chevron and herringbone are mostly preferred by homeowners. 

Furthermore, you can only create blocks in the centre of the wall. Use tape to make small blocks of the same size. But, it can be time-consuming. So, book an appointment with an expert to paint the walls quickly.

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