Millennials make up one-third of the American labor force.  They are the largest generation of workers in the country, totaling 56 million.

Millennials are composed of 21 to 36-year-olds who are born or raised in the dawn of the digital age. It is the time where instant searches and lightning speed information-sourcing are the norms.

This generation’s attention span is bombarded with so many distractions that training them to your company’s standards will be quite a challenge.

Microlearning is the best tool in getting your message across in this time of instant gratification. Millennials are big fans of fun and exciting work environment, so a training program that is both fast and fun will be the best route to take.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning composes of short and interactive content. It focuses on specific learning objectives. All it takes is five to ten -minute videos that will educate employees on particular topics that are precise and easily understood.

It is an effective way of learning that emphasizes comprehension, implementation, and apparent retention of the topics involved.

If you are in the process of onboarding millennials in your company, the following reasons might inspire you to implement microlearning in their daily work life:

It allows trainees to apply what they have learned immediately after the short training.

You will be able to see results and adjust succeeding content based on feedback and performance.

It promotes work-life balance

Millennials value both their career and personal life in equal measure. Providing them with short but meaningful training methods will allow them to enjoy life out of the office.

In the digital age, where convenience is king, microlearning provides flexibility and ease of use.

Having vital information at the palm of your hand gives employees a chance to choose the best time to learn.

This training method prevents cognitive overload. 

Since modules are delivered one at a time, employees can digest and process topics better. It makes application of knowledge more feasible.

This method makes learning more personalized. 

It provides the exact information that your millennial employees need, the moment they need it. Since it generates user data numerous times, trainers can use analytics to determine which content are more effective. They can use this data to create similar modules or methods.

Millennials are always on their phones for “micro-leisure,” so microlearning is an excellent complement to this lifestyle.

They can consume and interact with short pieces of content, anytime and anywhere, making learning a part of their digital life.

The ROI of using this method is undeniable. 

Seminars and training sessions can be expensive, so microlearning is a cost-effective way to provide the needed knowledge in a short period. It can reduce development expenses by 50%. It allows the company to funnel these savings in other endeavors.

The millennial generation is the future of the workforce. They are the future managers, game changers, and decision-makers. Providing them with the tools that are fit for their lifestyle and way of thinking can create a significant impact on a company’s success.