Which Field Of Engineering

In the last 3 years, engineering has been consistently the most popular subject for college majors, this boom in interest for engineering is mainly as a result of the software side of things and computer engineering has taken off. Engineering offers a career that allows those with an eye for design, a gift for the sciences and math and people who wish to contribute positively to the World to indulge in a successful career.

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The question for anyone looking to get involved with engineering is what branch to go into, each has their merits and almost all will offer you the chance of reaching the dizzying heights of people like Reddy Kancharla whereby you can head up your own firm. Let’s take a look at some of the branches of engineering which you could go into.

Computer Engineering

As we mentioned before, computer engineering and software design have really boomed in the last decade as technology has consistently improved which calls for faster, more flexible and more intelligent software. If you have a gift not only for the basic principles of engineering but also for computer science and the writing of software, then this is the perfect field of engineering for you.

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Chemical Engineering

For those with a specific gift for chemistry, this is the branch of engineering where you should be headed. Chemical engineering is about taking raw or existing materials and turning them into something which can be of use. You will need a high level of scientific knowledge to study in this field and a career in chemical engineering could see you finding new products, new medicines or even new chemicals themselves.

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Civil Engineering

The broadest form of engineering is civil, this branch specializes in the creation of the physical world from buildings to bridges, infrastructure to large-scale construction. For those who love nothing more than to design what they see around them, civil engineering is a recommended choice. There are several offshoots of civil engineering where you could specialize further and you can even traverse through the various specializations as your career progresses as much of the core skills required are exactly the same.

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Aerospace Engineering

In order to work in this high-level branch of engineering, dealing with all things air and space you will be required to have an incredibly high level of math and science as well as a qualification specifically in aerospace. A career in aerospace engineering will see you working at the cutting edge of technology and involved in projects which help us go further into space and faster through the air.

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A job in aerospace engineering is very well paid and highly sought after and if you want to be successful in this industry then you will need to work incredibly hard and achieve strong results in all of your projects. Aerospace is considered the area of engineering reserved only for the sharpest and most intelligent minds and you will need to be exactly that if you want to succeed in your career.