What is it That Makes AirBnb So Cool

In the last few decades, there has been a marked shift in the landscape of accommodation that people use when they go away. Hotels and hostels have been forced to lower prices and receive fewer tourists than ever before as a result of the vacation rental website Airbnb. Whilst the hoteliers may not be big fans of the new and fashionable way to find accommodation, those who use the service have never been happier and have fallen in love with a new and incredibly cool way that AirBnb operates.

We recently spoke to Real Estate guru Brian Ferdinand and many others to find out what it is about AirBnb that makes it such a cool option and here are our findings.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest draws of the website is how easy it is to use, simply search for your location, set your price range to add the rooms or amenities that you want and the site brings up a map with all of the places available to you. IT is not only searching that is so easy to use, the booking process is incredibly simple and the messenger service between you and your host means that you can connect instantly with the person putting you up.

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The Personality

Because you are renting a room directly from a person, it gives the whole process a real human element that is hard to find when booking a hotel. You can give your host, any special requests which you may have and in many cases, your host becomes your tour guide or your information point when heading to a new place.

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The Variety

Arguably the coolest part of the whole package, some of the properties on AirBnb are incredible, they range from the insanely quirky to the incredibly luxurious and regardless of what kind of place you are looking to stay in, you will likely find it on the site. From disused Arab temples, isolated islands, renovated submarines and Treehouses in the forest, AirBnb has it all and it is this wide variety that helps it to stand out from the rest.

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The Pricing

One thing that really helps AirBnb to thrive is the pricing which people place on their rooms and properties. The large majority of people is renting out rooms or entire homes to make a little bit of money as opposed to looking to turn giant profits and as a result of this, those who book in are paying very low prices for some beautiful properties.

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Since AirBnb’s fame, there have been some more websites which have popped up looking to do the same as the vacation rental site but as of now, there is simply no comparison. If you haven’t used the website before, then the next time you go away, why not have a quick search for accommodation on there before looking into what hotels are available, you may find yourself somewhere very cool and very cheap to stay in.