Have you ever asked yourself? What’s the best cryptocurrency to capitalize on in 2022? 

The surge in cryptocurrencies has been one of the most popular and stimulating topics in contemporary finance. You cannot rule out the fact that cryptocurrency has ushered in some fresh perspectives on the finance industry. 

In this post, we will walk you through the kind of cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022. However, we will explore the meaning and features of cryptocurrency. 

What is Cryptocurrency?

If you are a newbie in the crypto industry, then some quick explanation will go a long way. 

Cryptocurrencies are a form of decentralized virtual money. Decentralization posits that there is no governmental entity that exercises control over digital currencies. Instead, its management mechanisms are assigned among its users. 

Prominent Features of Cryptocurrencies

Let’s explore the major features of cryptocurrencies.

Peer-to-Peer Network

The assignment writing services have stated that digital currencies thrive on a peer-to-peer network (P2P). The network will ensure that all your transactions go smoothly and securely. 

A Peer-to-peer network also guards your transactions against fraudulent activities and unsolicited interference from malicious characters. This way, your undertakings become speedier and secure. 

It also allows users to transfer or send their digital currencies directly to other users. Once the transaction comes to an end, it is cataloged on a ledger. The ledger becomes visible to all the users on the P2P network and it is also known as a “blockchain.” 

Decentralized Network

The essay writing service has stated that digital currencies hinge on a decentralized network. No specific authority such as a bank, individual, or government can control cryptocurrency activities. 

Operates within a Digital Environment

You already know that since cryptocurrencies are online tokens, they could only work within a digital environment. You can access the token on your mobile device or desktop provided that they have a strong internet connection. 

There is no tangible form for digital currencies, unlike the conventional ones. You cannot touch them like cash. 

You need to store digital currencies in digital wallets (or electronic wallets).  These wallets are software programs and they allow you to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies. The most popular wallets for cryptocurrency include Coinbase, Mycelium, Electrum, and Exodus. 

Utilizes Encryption

Digital currencies utilize encryption mechanisms. They encrypt the users’ data in form of a code and secure it. However, it limits access to people who possess private keys. This approach allows users to turn any piece of information into a classified code known as cryptography. 

Encryption is the typical method that cryptocurrency platforms utilize to ensure a secure and decentralized transaction. 

Anonymous Transactions

Essay help has stated that the identity of the entities that get involved with digital currencies always remain anonymous. The encryption would hide and secure their identities except for the cryptocurrency address. 

Cryptocurrencies to Become the Next Investment Drive in 2022

Numerous brands across the globe accept digital currencies as a prominent payment method. They also plow money into them. In one way or the other, it has led to a surge in demand for cryptocurrencies. That brings us to a few potential digital currencies that most traders might invest in in 2022. 


The fact that Ethereum has increased in demand by 800% over the years has left everyone in surprise. 

Ethereum is a top player because it plays a significant role in enhancing decentralized finance (DeFi). 

It is also known for its smart contract mechanism. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements between two entities in the form of a computer code. Programmers leverage ethereum for the creation of various online offerings such as non-fungible tokens, security tokens, and many others. They can use it to create mobile apps too. 

What Makes Ethereum a Fantastic Investment Option?

Ethereum could be a risky enterprise. At the same time, it could also be lucrative. It comes to how you use it. Let’s explore why Ethereum would make a fantastic option. 

  • Ethereum is the most significant blockchain network for decentralized offerings. After Bitcoin, it is the next substantial phenomenon.
  • It is the only digital coin that has surpassed Bitcoin in special circumstances. Plus, smart contracts, NFTs, dApps, and other offerings need Ethereum to function or operate. 
  • It has been a notable choice since 2015 and has showcased its immense capability over time. It keeps evolving with the recent Ethereum 2.0  upgrade that transitioned to speedier mechanisms. The mechanisms comprise the shard systems and the PoS consensus mechanisms. 
  • Staking has been included as a means to earn passive income through Ethereum.

In essence, ETH keeps attracting attention in every possible sense. 


The list will not be complete without Bitcoin. Of course, its utilization by most of the trading channels and cryptocurrency platforms is a clear-cut indication of how famous BTC has become. With its overwhelming presence in the cryptocurrency market, it is clear that the future would encounter a similar trend. 

What Makes Bitcoin a Fantastic Investment Option?

  • It has garnered the highest attention from large investors: There has been a surging thirst for bitcoin investments from both institutional and individual investors. 
  • It has wide recognition, stability, and simplicity: The market’s fantastic opinions on Bitcoin have stood the test of time. 


If you are not a beginner in the digital currency sector, you’ve probably heard of Solana. Do you happen to know? It is one of the top 10 digital currencies based on market capitalization. There is always room for more expansion.

Solana makes a good investment because of its strong connection with decentralized finance (DeFi). It also has an intrinsic relationship with the stake mechanics. The idea behind both concepts is complex. However, decentralized finance is a blanket term in the blockchain industry that aims to guard against transactions with external intermediaries such as brokerage companies, banks, and other entities. Instead, it leverages smart contracts to carry out the transactions. Some crypto advocates have claimed that DeFi is the future of digital finance. 

Stake mechanics refers to a technique by which people create new digital coins. It’s a  more relaxed approach akin to how Bitcoin operates. 

Let’s look at other reasons that Solana is considered an excellent investment. They are:

  • Solana has already accumulated over four hundred projects and most of them are decentralized finance projects. The outcome of the elimination of the bank as an intermediary.
  • It is regarded as a substitute for Ethereum. Solana may not kill Ethereum’s vibrancy in the cryptocurrency market. But it could stand in the gap or serve as a competitor.
  • Solana has proven that it could execute over 50,000 transactions per second. 


Just like Solana, Avalanche is another digital currency to look out for in 2022. It has a clear and unique purpose, unlike Dogecoin that’s challenging to figure out its purpose. 

Research has it that Avalanche is one of the numerous projects that seek to “dethrone” Ethereum as one of the most popular blockchain channels. 

Avalanche has integrated a kind of disruptive technology in its operation. The technology helps to store sensitive pieces of information in a way that no individual or entity can access them. 


Most meme coins thrive on internet sensation. So it’s difficult to envisage the ones that would flourish in the long run. But the meme coin, samoyedcoin has caught the fancy of many large investors. 

Like dogecoin, it carries the face of a lovely dog. The goal of the project is to generate a relaxed atmosphere. 

The most significant advantage of investing in Samoyedcoin is that it runs on Solana blockchain network. Hence, it benefits from an operation period of less than a second. It follows that it is much faster than Dogecoin. is a decentralized channel for offerings such as asset trading. For instance, it helps users to automate their transactions. 


Numerous digital currencies come with high returns and have helped investors to maximize the cryptocurrency market in 2021. Bitcoin and Ethereum have witnessed the highest demands this year. Other currencies like Solana and Avalanche have also earned a significant share from the market. 2022 will probably witness other magnificent moves like this.

Cryptocurrencies consume time, effort, research, determination, and patience. We recommend that you do not put all your eggs in a basket. Also, you should envisage either a significant increment or decrement. 

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