Which Crypto is Best for Beginners

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies created with blockchain technology. In the past few years, these virtual currencies have gained attention. They have become investment options for individuals and brands. 

As a Crypto rookie, chances are that you don’t know the best cryptocurrencies that match your needs. Just so you know, research has it that over 6,500 cryptocurrencies exist as of September 2021. So it’s challenging to choose the best ones in terms of growth potential and profitability.  

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most popular cryptocurrency due to its constant growth. Numerous people invest in BTC despite its frequent market fluctuations. However, there are numerous other cryptocurrencies that you can leverage. They also make good investments. 

In this article, we will look at a few examples of cryptocurrencies that are an excellent investment for beginners. However, let’s explore some significant aspects of cryptocurrencies first. They range from the meaning of cryptocurrency to their purchasing methods.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that you can use to purchase goods and services online. As stated from BrillAssignment, the currency utilizes a digital ledger with strong cryptography to secure digital transactions.

 Many brands have offered what is known as “tokens.” You can trade them for the products or services that the brand offers. Consider the tokens as simple gaming chips that you can use instead of currency in games. It’s crucial to exchange traditional currency for cryptocurrency to access the products or services. 

How do cryptocurrencies work?  As stated earlier, they leverage a technology known as “blockchain.” Blockchain is a polarized technology that spreads across the web. It then manages and records the transactions. The best part of blockchain technology is the security and privacy it guarantees. 

Tips on how to safely Invest in CryptoCurrency

Investments come with risks. But some notable voices suggest that cryptocurrency is one of the riskiest investment options out there. If you want to invest in digital currencies, these hacks can help you to make informed choices. 

Look out for Crypto platforms

Before you make any investment, it will help to research numerous crypto exchanges. These platforms allow you to purchase and sell virtual currencies. Research has it that there are over 500 crypto platforms. It follows that you have the luxury to do your homework and scan through reviews. You can also reach out to experienced investors before taking a step forward. 

Common examples of crypto platforms are Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, and many others. 


Diversification is one of the sure-fire ways to pull off your investment tactics. It’s also applicable to cryptocurrency investments. Make sure not to invest all your funds in BTC or Ethereum alone. There are numerous options out there. It will help to spread your funds around different digital currencies. 

Look out for Crypto Wallets

It’s crucial to store cryptocurrencies when you purchase them. This is where crypto wallets come into play. You can store your currencies in virtual wallets or exchange platforms. Most of the crypto exchange platforms have digital wallets. For instance, Coinbase has a crypto wallet where you can store your digital currencies. 

There are different types of wallets. Each wallet has its upsides. They range from technical benefits to their security level. Make sure that you research your storage options before investing in crypto. 

Prepare for Market Volatility

The cryptocurrency industry is a volatile one. So you should wire yourself for market fluctuations. You will encounter fluctuations in prices. If you can’t handle that, you might not be on the right track. 

Cryptocurrency is in high demand now but remember that it’s still a growing industry. If you still want to invest in it, do proper homework and invest a few funds first. 

How Do I Purchase Cryptocurrencies?

Some cryptocurrencies such as BTC require you to purchase them with dollars. On other hand, other digital currencies require you to purchase them with cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ethereum. 

You need a digital wallet to purchase cryptocurrencies. As stated earlier, a wallet is a digital application that helps you to store your currency. How does it work?

Typically, you will create an account via the wallet. After that, you can transfer traditional currencies like U.S Dollars to purchase cryptocurrencies. 

Coinbase is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allow you to create a digital wallet. You can also purchase and sell cryptocurrencies through this platform. 

Numerous digital brokers also offer virtual currencies such as eToro, Robinhood, and many others. 

Best Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

Now that you know how cryptocurrencies work, let’s explore a few cryptocurrencies that will make a good investment for beginners. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin holds an important place in the history of cryptocurrencies. It remains the most resourceful and profitable of all digital currencies. Compared to other currencies, it has a higher price, volume, and market value. Even though there are numerous options, BTC  is the most popular and expendable one. Hence, it’s always an ideal choice for beginners. 

Also, various businesses now allow buyers to give bitcoins in exchange for their products and services.  This is another reason beginners should consider BTC. 

Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is a utility digital currency that allows you to pay for trading transactions associated with the Binance platform. Individuals or brands who utilize the token for exchange on the platform can trade at subsidized rates. 

Do you happen to know? BNB’s stable performance is one of the reasons that it’s recommended for beginners. It’s prone to fewer risks. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is different from bitcoin and Binance coin. It is not merely a cryptocurrency.  Developers can utilize it to create another digital currency. 

How does it work?

Ethereum operates on what is called “Ether.”  Most developers sought after ether to develop the applications. 

ETH also offers an enabling environment for smart contracts. This way, parties involved in crypto transactions can trade without fraud and interference from suspicious characters. 

Although ETH is inferior to BTC, it stays ahead of other digital currencies. It’s no wonder that it’s considered an expendable option for beginners and veteran crypto traders. 


Although Dogecoin doesn’t hold much influence in the crypto world, it’s still a profitable coin that’s gaining investors’ attention. Bitcoin may have a limited supply. But the greatest advantage of Dogecoin is that it has a limitless supply. As a result, beginners can enjoy the benefits of easy accessibility. 


The brain behind Polkadot is  Gavin Wood, one of the breakaway founders of Ethereum. Polkadot is a new and unique cryptocurrency that have better operations and network. Instead of operating from a narrow lane, it employs numerous lanes to execute its transactions. 

The goal of Polkadot is to incentivize genuine investors and separate the chaff from the wheat. In other words, the essence is to guard against fraudulent investors. Good investors on the platform can also aid the decision-making strategies such as the network charges, network upgrades, and many others. 


Just like the Binance coin, Tether is a solid coin. Solid coins like Tether have the support of fiat or traditional currencies like euros, dollars, and many others. It means that Tether will have a firmer value than other digital currencies that experiences market fluctuations. 

Tether allows traders to quickly make transfers from other digital currencies back to Euros or U.S dollars. You don’t have to go down the route of converting them to regular currencies. 


Cardano has a smaller network. However, there are numerous reasons that it has stood out from other larger digital currencies. First, it offers solutions for voter fraud. Second, it provides solutions for legal contract tracing. 

Third, it requires less stress to execute transactions using Cardano, unlike larger virtual currencies like Bitcoin. It means that the transactions do not only save time. They also save costs. Finally, the Cardano platform is more secure and receptive. They constantly enhance the network’s operations to guard against hackers. 


Cryptocurrencies will continue to blossom. Nothing will disrupt their growth. If you are peeking at this article, it means that you know the drill and are ready to make it work. One of the most significant concerns of a beginner is which cryptocurrency makes the best investment and we’ve provided a solution to this problem.