WhatsApp Spy App

With technological advancement, numerous apps are being used. These apps are impacting our life positively but there are always some negative impacts of every technology especially when it is used by children. So, if you want to keep an eye on the children’s mobile phone and WhatsApp chats or you want to ensure that your employees are as productive as possible then you can make use of WhatsApp spy app for tracking all the activities performed in it.

Why there is a need of WhatsApp spy app

WhatsApp is a free chat application which allows users to have chats. It provides ability to create groups and share location, pictures and videos or voice messages with friends and family. The WhatsApp spy app is mainly needed for these reasons:

  1. Track children: There are always some reasons due to which you will want to log in and monitor WhatsApp on your mobile devices and if you have children who are using WhatsApp, then you will always want to know how much time they spend in chatting in WhatsApp. There is no other way than the WhatsApp spy app that would allow you to keep an eye on your kids whenever they are connected to web.
  2. Track employees: If you are a business owner and you want to improve the productivity of your business, then you should add an extra layer of security to the devices of your employees. This will help you know the conversations that they are having and thus control it for ensuring that they are playing their role properly.

Features of WhatsApp spy app

  • It helps parents to have check on chats of their child or teenager.
  • The app helps in keeping the child safe from predators or any inappropriate media sharing.
  • Parents have a facility to set up alerts for receiving notification to check the chat logs.
  • In case of employers, they can use the app to find out whether the employees are not wasting time on social media or by chatting.
  • There is a feature in the app which enables the employers to add a layer of security against information leakage.
  • There is even a feature of alerting when there is sharing of any inappropriate content.

 How WhatsApp spy app works

In order to use WhatsApp application, one has to download and install it on the mobile phone or on tablet. So, if you want to track the activities in WhatsApp, then you have to ensure that you choose that software which supports logging and tracking of all the communication through WhatsApp. The spy app will save all the chat conversations and you can log them anytime and access it easily. It also aids in accessing all the pictures, voice chats and videos shared in the chat. You can even view all the contacts and group chats. When any location is shared then you will get to know about the same. Moreover, you will be able to access all the logs and media files that are saved on the server from anywhere you want to do so. You have to simply log in the website and input your account password for accessing it. Thus, tracking devices like iKeyMonitor which provides such tracking features are useful both for parents and business owners.

 If you want to choose the best WhatsApp spy app, then you must check tracking ability of the app with your device as well as with WhatsApp. When you have a good monitoring device that means you have bundles of powerful features beyond just controlling the WhatsApp chats like alert functions, filters or other business-oriented services.