Real Estate Apps to Find Your Dream Home

Ever noticed that technology has come such a long way that a mobile phone can help you find your dream house on the go? No, I am not talking about the prospective owner of the house using his/her phone to call up a broker. Rather it’s a totally different scenario here.

You can now use your Smartphone devices to download applications, which would guide you in the matter of finding your dream house. Gone are the days when you would take the pain of meeting a broker personally, spend hours brainstorming, take tours to apartments while sacrificing a full day work at the office and the likes.

If we are to cite an example based on case studies and analysis, here’s an excerpt that defines the real estate scenario better:

All real estate agents are required to maintain a very healthy and smooth relationship between them and the clients (Daneshvary and Clauretie, 2012). However, under many such circumstances, it is always not possible to avoid problems. Hence, the responsibility to avoid any clashes and problems with the clients it is the real estate managing agents who should take the initiative and attempt to make the relationship between them better (Norwood, 2013).” [Source: MyAssignmenthelp].

Thus, it seems that the modern day emergence of real estate apps is likely to be an initiative taken by this particular sector in order to make things easier for the consumers, thus, establishing a better client-agent relationship at the end of the day.

So, in case you’re planning to shift to a new house and fulfill all aspirations as a caring family man, then here are the ten most effective real estate apps available for you for free. Take a look and install them in your device today!

Redfin – available on App Store and Google Play

redfin appThis is one of the most useful apps one can download in order to find their dream house. Using this application will allow you to see all homes available for sale, draw search radius and share favorite homes. In addition to it, Redfin is apparently a faster and smarter real estate application that ensures faster responses at the end of the day.

There are Redfin agents available to assist you, and the app says that every agent is paid based on the feedbacks sent by their customers. This indicates that the users are likely to be benefitted by the application not only in terms of finding a house, but also in the matter of user-experience and satisfaction. Give it a try!

Realtor – available on Google Play

realtor appIf you are into house hunting at this moment, then this particular application can help you in your quest of house hunting. For home buyers to landlords, and for people who are interested in getting an estimate of the property they would aim to buy, seems promising.

From San Francisco, California apartments to pet-friendly rentals and rentals with pools, you get to browse through a plethora of options with estimated price quotes attached. The app allows its users to look for houses based on different categories such as Buy, Rent, Just Sold and Home Estimate. In addition to it, the application has a feature that allows landlords to post their rental listings for free.

Zillow Real Estate App – available on Android and iOS devices

This is yet another real estate app which is available for free. It has got user-friendly features like Buy, Sell, Rent, Mortgage, Agent Finder, Home Design and more. In addition to it, the Zillow Real Estate App allows its users to browse homes directly which are on sale and rent as well.

One also can search for schools and neighborhoods by using this application. This real estate search portal claims to send instant notifications, and would also allow it’s users to sync their searches with a account.

ZipRealty – available on Google Play and App Store

This application allows you to search for homes using real estate resources and tools. The MLS listings feature of this application allows users to search and figure out up to 30% more houses available for sale. In addition to it, the ZipRealty app claims to have roped in top-rated local agents and real estate experts.

Apart from that, the application has a Home Values feature. This allows the users to take a look at several properties and also in the matter of receiving instant estimated prices attached to the homes on sale.

Trulia – available on Android and iOS devices

For people looking for a dream house to purchase, Trulia is likely to be an effective application for them. From real estate search to rentals and mortgages, this particular application offers multiple features.

Trulia helps its users to tap and view nearby homes and apartments, check neighborhood details and share all listing details. Some of the most popular cities where Trulia is mostly used consist of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Manhattan, Chicago and Miami.

HotPads – you can get in on Google Play

Talking of free real estate apps that can fetch you the dream house, this is one application that gets a special mention. From finding apartments to houses, and listing your favorites to receiving alerts and notifications, this application has a multifunctional user interface.

From cheap apartments in and around the cities like Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas and Boston to helping you with a price estimate of houses available on rent, this application seems to have a wide array of features and tools available for its users. In addition to help all prospective buyers with house rental options, the app allows you to take video tours of houses, and explore all areas nearby to the abode you wish to invest in.

Homesnap – available on App Store and Google Play

Homesnap allows you to search from home on the go, and from anywhere. It has interactive features like “Find an Agent”. It would help all users in the matter of connecting with real estate agents directly.

Moreover, the application helps you to fetch real time details and listings that display high-resolution photos of the home you wish to buy, property lines, property history, school availabilities in and around the area and more.  The app notifies its users of new listings, changes made in price, market news and updates and more.

Homes – available on App Store

This is one of the many helpful real estate apps, available on Apple devices for free. If you are looking to buy or rent homes in and around the United States, then might come into play in this matter.

From high interactive mapping to browsing through high resolutions photos, and offering interactive guides to home searches to providing notifications on new homes available for sale, the application claims to offer multiple features for the convenience of its users.

Owners – available on App Store and Google Play

This is one helpful real estate application that can assist you with customized search results, save all favorite news and listings, and get answers on various queries on the go. Users looking for listings can search for the same by entering locations, nearby schools and the likes.

In addition to it, the application allows people to use the “Mortgages” feature. You can apply for a loan, explore loan and request pre-approvals as well.

ColdWell Banker – available on Google Play

ColdWell Banker allows you to look for homes on the go, and helps you get connected with real estate professionals in the industry.

From listing alerts to guiding its users to find future neighborhoods, and house hunting based on location and accessibility, you can use this application for multiple purpose and functionalities.

In addition to the availability of the features as discussed, the application keeps its users updated with the latest news on new homes in the market and their availability based on locations.

So, take note of each of the helpful real estate apps as discussed above, and do not forget to use these tools and resources the next time you would plan to buy a house. After all, buying a house with all those hard earned money is no child’s play. Thus, it is advisable to do your homework well, conduct in-depth research and then take a step ahead for the final settlements in terms of brokerage and financial transactions.