WhatsApp Business

With the WhatsApp business app, you can retain new customers, promote marketing campaigns through photos and videos and, moreover, create chats and discussions for the members of your team.

With instant messages and direct contacts, WhatsApp Business is used to create connections and direct advertising in the world of work. The most famous app in the world for instant messaging, in fact, counts an increasing number of users every day: in 2015 almost half a billion people were watching the 700 million shared photos and 100 million video clips daily. Precisely because of its ease of contact, there are those who use it above all for a more immediate communication with customers like, for example, shop owners. The app is also perfect for commercial activities, or for those who sell products. It’s always much quicker to deal with questions and solve problems that clients or potential buyers ask in a group chat or a direct message. In fact, communication with a buyer can increase the response rate by 40%, becoming a more than valid alternative to phone calls that often require too much waiting. Besides, the direct channel with a customer can also be used for marketing.

Companies and services of public utility

It is inevitable to think about how important advertising is for a store or a newly opened business. This is because WhatsApp Business can provide the assistance needed to increase a particular business. Through a business communication channel, it is possible to post discounts, photos, and videos lasting only a few seconds.  The important thing to keep in mind here is to publish high-quality content that attracts people. To make your videos in a proper format, you can convert the MOV file created with a camera or a smartphone to MP4, supported by WhatsApp. You can do it with free software from Freemake. It keeps the original quality of your video and maintains a small size of the video at the same time.

Check this page for more info about WhatsApp videos: http://www.freemake.com/how_to/how_to_convert_mov_to_avi_mp4

In this way, customers will have more direct and comprehensive contact. This is also one of the reasons why companies offering utility services choose to use WhatsApp Business. The significant point of the app is that it made it even easier to communicate with public utility services. For instance, you can contact a taxi driver or private transport services by phone, or order takeaway food, check menus via message or photo and also use the company channel for reservations and information aboutvarious places and restaurants.

Also, don’t forget about the communication with the emergency services if one simply needs to ask for help or get a consultation. WhatsApp Business is able to create a direct communication with doctors or government services. Within a few minutes, you can have access to a direct line and get a quick response with little or no waiting: the response speed is about half the time of a phone call. Finally, one more way to do business with WhatsApp will be great for companies and their employees. Above all in case of a huge company, internal communications can be made by an email, or through the faster WhatsApp message. It will be hard to miss a message and will help you stay in touch with your colleagues. Moreover, the communication channel can be useful for the introduction of new work tools, such as the use of new software or new goods, especially when it comes to sales and development. Thus, your own team of workers can be able to learn quickly through support information and a more direct channel to ask questions or requests.