Chalk and board education is over, and the book and pencil style of teaching is definitely not the way how you can engage modern students into the learning process. Not because it’s not cool anymore or…Actually, yes, it’s not cool anymore because with the modern technologies on the horizon that would be like a candle teaching and Edison bulb how to produce light. So let’s see what technologies are getting more and more attention from modern schoolers and what social issue topics it can trigger.

Tech Types

The developers and engineers are currently the main heroes of the young generation as they create entertaining tools for teens to play online and offline. Even though it gives a lot of social issue ideas for the psychologists to write about in their blogs, here is what draws the attention of most youngsters.

Popular Hardware

Smartphones, laptops, handheld game consoles and PSs – these are the top favorite teens’ gadgets the market can offer. This is why modern kids like them.

–  Smartphones.

One will hardly see a teen without a phone in their hands, it seems they are glued to this little device which is oftentimes a subject to be taken away as a part of the discipline punishment. Of course, it has a huge backlash as we can see on the ever-growing number of social problems essay topics that are discussed by everyone on the web. A reason why the modern kiddos are so dependant on mobile technology use is that it provides them the social communication they need while being unable to spend more in-person interaction with the people they like.

– Laptops.

Ask any high school student how do they do their homework, everyone will start with “I open my laptop and see what I have on the list”. These small portable libraries with a lot of features make tech-savvy teens even smarter. Plus, they allow working on any project, essay, or group assignment from home. Isn’t it awesome?

– Game consoles.

On a school bus, in the living room or basement — game consoles like Xbox and PS’s are the ultimate items in the life of the present-day teenager. Yes, the uncontrolled use of it is one of those social issues to write about from the psychological perspective but not everyone is as taken away with it. It’s just that not everyone likes playing with teddy bears.

Popular Software

Undoubtedly, cool brand hardware is a great thing to have but is it actually that cool without the software programs and application that truly make the experience? We ranked the top three types the software technology for students.

Social Networking Sites

Yes, studying is important but check out this cool song Nicki Minaj has dropped! Still this may serve a subject for essay writing assignments in a college, but we believe this essay topic and other related social issues have been covered already in almost every blog out there. The teenagers are more obsessed with their gadgets than with doing writing assignments because this is the most convenient way to communicate with each other, to see what’s going on in the world, and get inspiration for whatever they are doing in life. They are writing each other on various occasions and for different purposes but in essence, this is a current way of keeping in touch in one click.

Educational Apps

The life of the student has never been easier. No more going to the libraries and rummaging tons of dusted books in the libraries when you have to submit social problems essay topics. All you need to do is to type the information you need and here it is, in the right order! In addition, the developers are working hard to improve the online tutoring or writing help services. The latter comes in handy when the search for the social problems essay topics wasn’t quite successful but you need to turn in that social issue paper in a day.

Game Apps

Everybody likes playing games but the teenagers seem to like it the most. This is why the game apps are very popular with the 9 to 15-year olds and this is the main target audience of the developers. Some of the games have nothing to do with learning but hey when in the history did one have the chance to play chess with the person from Japan without leaving home?

It is true that teenagers are the most tech educated people in the world and maybe they are the ones who move this industry forward. However, it doesn’t mean it is a mindless wasting of time or procrastinating in its fullest. Some technologies indeed make a revolution in the way we learn things, and the question is if everyone is ready to pick up this new pace.