New Zealand is experiencing a national shortage of plumbers, and when you look at the sheer variety of services they offer – not even getting into gasfitting and drainlaying, it’s clear to see why. They are talented, hardworking people who have a broad skill set that’s highly sought after in new and existing developments.

If you ever doubted for a second that local plumbers in your area weren’t capable of doing something, then think again. Below, we cover some of the many fields in which plumbers can tackle tasks.

Servicing and Maintenance

Plumbers who dedicate their time to services and maintenance tackle a broad range of industries. While they work on everyday house plumbing problems, they can also work for hotels, motels, industrial factories, large commercial buildings, and more.

Their servicing and maintenance also extend to gasfitting. If you need an annual service, testing and gas installation certification, inspection, repairs, alterations, or advice, then many plumbers are trained to help with that too. Believe it or not, plumbers do more than fix leaky taps also.

You can rely on them to fix or fit your HVAC systems, gas hot water, boilers, cookers, and more. Blocked drains? No problem. Residential, commercial, and extensive industrial plumbing and drainage are no issue for most plumbers.

Gas Hot Water

Even though over 80 percent of home water heating is still electric, more and more people are starting to see the value in transitioning to gas hot water. Gas hot water systems offer several benefits. You get instant hot water, save power, you pay no bills for water heating, and you will never run out of hot water as it heats it while it’s running.

In essence, gas hot water is something that can save you having to run out of the shower mid-shampoo, screaming that your shower has gone cold! If that sounds like bliss, then contact plumbers to help you make the transition.

New Home Builds

You can rely on your local plumbers to take care of leaky taps, blocked pipes, and broken shower faucets. However, you can also depend on them to provide all plumbing services required for a new home build. Did you know that plumbers and related tradespeople can help with gasfitting, plumbing, wastewater treatment, heating, and drainage?  There is much convenience associated with such a “one stop shop” package.

Water Filtration

Around 3.7 million New Zealanders have access to safe drinking water in New Zealand. “Safe” is also defined as meeting E. coli standards and having sufficient treatment to kill protozoa. Even though it’s safe, however, doesn’t mean it tastes as good as it could – or is as clean as it could be. That’s where plumbers come in. They can help install some of the best water filtration systems to see you drinking crystal clear and delicious-tasting water from every faucet in your house.

Water filtration systems can eliminate around 99.9 percent of parasites and bacteria that hide within your water, not to mention filtering out dirt, rust, silt, and other nasties you’d prefer not to drink. The best part is, alongside installing them, most plumbers have access to information and suppliers to help you make your decision. You can choose a water filtration system to suit you and your family’s needs.

Commercial Plumbing

Because your local plumbers are so good at residential repairs and installations, you may think that’s all they do. However, they are also masters when it comes to commercial plumbing too. While not all plumbing businesses will take on commercial projects, many will. Such tasks can include motels, hotels, schools, warehouses, industrial buildings, offices, plants, factories, and more.

Commercial plumbing tends to be on a far larger scale than any residential repair or new build. However, as you’ll find with most plumbers, there’s no job too big or too small for them!

Fun Facts About Plumbing

Now that you know what plumbers can do for you, wouldn’t it be fun if you also knew a few fun facts about the industry?

  1. Japan is home to several voice-activated urinals. These toilets respond to commands such as flush and fire.
  2. A small fortune to the tune of around $100,000 was spent to find out if more people faced their roll of toilet paper to the front or underneath. It turns out, three in four people prefer the toilet paper at the front.
  3. When President Richard Nixon suspected intelligence leaks in his government, he set up an investigation unit to find where they were coming from. He called the unit members plumbers.
  4. Egyptians used to call the bathroom the House of Horror, while Israelis called it the House of Honour.
  5. Great Britain’s King George II fell off a toilet and died in 1760.


It’s clear to see that a plumber’s job is never done – and it’s also quite varied every day! If you ever thought of becoming a plumber, then now’s the time. New Zealand’s tradespeople shortage means people like you are in hot demand.

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