It’s Always Safer to Call the Experts if A Pipe Bursts

It can be such a frustration when pipes burst, whether it be at home or in the workplace. I can cause some serious damage to the floor, walls, foundations and furniture of the area and sometimes even carry sewage waste along with it. So let’s take a look at why burst pipes are dangerous and what you can do to mitigate the issue safely. 

Why is a burst pipe so serious?

Pipes don’t just burst randomly, it’s usually a sign of a bigger problem, like storms causing water pressure to increase, or maybe your plumbing is outdated, maybe your actual daily water pressure is too high and this can cause cracking, which leads to leaks. If you want to understand why leaks are occurring, a plumber can help you see if there’s a bigger underlying cause. 

The burst pipe and plumbing issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Once the water leaks out, water damage can follow. This can cause flooding, and this then damages your space. It can cause drywall issues, get behind the grout and cause damage to your insulation or even damage the foundation of your home if it’s left for too long. These can cause expensive rebuilding and construction costs if you aren’t careful. 

Mold is something else to be aware of as it can form in under 24 hours and then go on to cause health issues to people, especially the elderly and very young. This mold can then attract pests such as cockroaches.

When you consider the severity of these issues, It becomes clear that your plumbing needs to be looked at by professionals and the resulting water damage should be handled by professionals as well.

Is there water freezing inside the pipe?

In certain parts of America, it’s common for temperatures to drop so far that your pipes can freeze. This is often caused by poor piping insulation or aging pipes. When water freezes inside a pipe, the pressure and expanding nature. The solid can cause the pipe to burst. When this happens the cold water can spread and then freeze over again in your home and this causes a whole other issue of water damage. 

Get 24/7 help!

If you come home one day and find that your pipes have burst you need to call the water remediation experts quickly. Water damage can start occurring immediately, even if the pipes are frozen, so contact Flood Pros USA as soon as the damage occurs and they can be there soon, with their 24/7 service, they’re designed to help remediate when emergencies happen. Keep their details on hand for fire, water, and home damage. 

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