How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Life in One Month

CBD oil is one of this decade’s greatest products. As the CBD space continues to expand into a multi-billion dollar industry, we’re seeing more and more product options, brands, and even research into the effectiveness of CBD oil. There are several benefits that CBD can offer, and many of them are backed by science.

The best CBD oil providers in the industry are changing the landscape forever by providing only the highest-quality CBD products as a standard for everyone else in the industry. This means consumers like us have access to better products in an industry that suffers from a lack of regulation. Get Ohio Medical Marijuanas Card Online and enjoy benefits.

If you’re looking to get into CBD oil, you’re headed toward a journey that can help improve your overall physical and mental health in a natural way. Forget all of the braggadocious advertising, here are the bare facts about how CBD oil can improve your life in just one month!

Better Sleep

Did you know that nearly one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep? A good night’s sleep is crucial to a healthy body and mind, and Americans just don’t seem to be getting enough of it. Not surprisingly, CBD oil can help produce a better night’s sleep with its natural calming effects.

CBD oil is great for anxiety, stress, pain, and more; all of which can cause sleep disruption. Other conditions like insomnia affect sleep patterns and can cause increased levels of anxiety and stress.

Better Workout Recovery

Since CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory agent and a natural painkiller, it makes for excellent post-workout recovery.

Rather than turning to OTC painkillers, athletes and casual gym-goers alike can take CBD in their post-workout protein shake or by itself. Your muscles will recover faster, hurt less, and you won’t have to deal with extreme inflammation after a long workout.

Decreased Anxiety

CBD oil has been shown in several studies to reduce anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorder, as well as several other anxiety-based conditions such as PTSD and depression, seem to benefit from consistent CBD use.

Many of the most common anti-anxiety and even anti-depression medications available on them market come with awful side-effects. In some anti-depressants, suicidal thoughts and worsening depression symptoms can actually be a side-effect of taking the medication!

CBD offers a more natural approach without all of the nasty side-effects and synthetic chemicals. That being said, CBD isn’t a cure-all for anxiety disorders, but it has shown great promise in helping to mitigate symptoms and make certain conditions more manageable.

Only time will tell the extent to which CBD can help anxiety-based disorders, but we’re excited to see initial studies yielding positive results. With so many people all over the world suffering from mental health issues, it’s nice to see something more natural and approachable offering some relief.

Possible Heart Benefits

While the exact extent of CBD’s effects on heart health aren’t known, some preliminary evidence suggests that it can help lower blood pressure and even improve overall heart health. More in-depth studies will be needed to discover the range of benefits offered by CBD, but as more money pours into the industry, more research will be conducted.

Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation can cause plenty of discomfort. Whether it’s localized pain from an injury such as a sprain or broken bone or a chronic condition like arthritis, the pain can make certain tasks unbearable. And who wants to have to take pain medications all the time, anyway? Especially with extremely high addiction rates among opioid-based painkillers.

CBD is a natural painkiller, but it’s also non-addictive. There’s not even a small chance that you’ll become addicted to your CBD oil, and it’s very effective at reducing inflammation and pain without harmful side-effects.

Minor side-effects may include dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, and diarrhea. Side-effects of some painkillers can include all of these symptoms plus liver damage, heart problems, digestive issues, and more. Which sounds worse?

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Improved Mood and Appetite

The body’s endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating things like pain response, appetite, and mood, which is why cannabinoids like CBD have such a profound effect on these bodily functions. CBD has been shown to not only increase appetite but also help regulate and even improve overall mood.

After all, the compound reduces anxiety, stress, and pain/inflammation. It’s hard to not be happy after finding relief from those things! All jokes aside, CBD has even been used to stimulate appetite response in cancer patients who are in extreme pain and can’t eat. That’s impressive if you ask me.

Is It Legal?

This question “Is CBD Legal” simply needs to be addressed because of the confusion surrounding CBD. CBD and hemp are both legal in all 50 states and at the federal level, thanks to 2018’s Agricultural Improvement Act. For nearly 50 years, hemp has been classified as a controlled substance and the subject of plenty of stigma.

Although hemp is legal, for Cannabis to even be considered industrial hemp, it must follow the 0.3% rule. That means it can only contain 0.3% or less THC.

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The Future Of CBD

From pain and inflammation to mental illness and heart health; CBD truly is a versatile and wondrous compound with plenty of promise and benefits to offer the daily user. The budding CBD industry is only headed upward in the near future, with projections reaching into the twenty-billion dollars in profit range by 2022/2025.

While it’s unclear just how successful CBD might be in the future, what is clear is that the demand is only increasing as we learn more about it. You’ve already seen from this list some of the ways CBD can benefit you, but to be honest, we’ve only just scratched the surface of its full potential.

It looks like we’re just going to have to wait on future research to get the full CBD picture. Until then, remember to only buy high-quality oil from top providers and always do your research on any new brands!