What is the Best Site to Stream UFC

If you’ve got the UFC bug, chances are you want to watch as many events as possible. However, many UFC fights are pay-per-view, meaning you’ll spend a lot of money if you want to watch all the big events. It’s not just the cost of viewing special events, either. You usually need to pay for a subscription service like ESPN+, too. So, you’ve got the monthly cost of that, plus the additional fee for main sporting events.

For most people, that’s not achievable, but they want to watch their favourite sports from the comfort of their own homes. For that, the internet has plenty of free streaming options. Not all of them are created equal, but they all allow you to stream UFC events as well as other major sporting events without the added expense.

10 of the best sites around for live UFC streaming.

UFC Streams

As the name suggests, UFC Streams is mainly concerned with UFC and other MMA combat sports. You can watch live events, and you can even search via weight category thanks to the website’s win-loss record-keeping feature.

The site links to a range of live streams, most in HD quality, but you may occasionally find one in 4K. Unfortunately, UFC Streams doesn’t host historical matches, so you won’t be able to watch a replay, but you can definitely watch all the live events you want.


When you visit FromHOT’s, you’ll find plenty of sports to choose from. It’s easy to navigate and you can find a list of most upcoming and live sporting events. However, for UFC fans, this site may be a little frustrating as there is no specific combat sports category. You’ll find everything MMA and UFC-related in the ‘Other’ tab.

First Row Sports

One of the most well-known aggregator streaming sites, First Row Sports is packed with live streams. You don’t need to sign up or subscribe to anything, and the interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can also access it from a phone or tablet browser if you’re on the move. Impressively, the links are regularly updated and users enjoy the fact that they don’t need to try numerous links before finding a stream that works.


SportLemon is another great streaming service that’s got a huge range of sports. The layout is simple, and you should be able to find what you’re looking for pretty easily. Whether you want American football, boxing or something more obscure like darts or table tennis, you’ll likely find it here. Much like FromHOT’s, though, there is no combat sports category so if you want UFC events, you’ll need to do a little digging.


It’s little wonder that most people want to view their live sport in HD quality these days. So, 720pStream is a great option because it provides links to a stack of HD broadcasts. You can find pretty much anything here, including all of the major US sporting leagues. There is a dedicated MMA category too, so you can easily find all the UFC and combat sports you want. The only downside is the ads on the homepage, which we’ll touch on later.


Crackstreams is one of the more user-friendly sites out there, with a simple interface and regularly updated links. In fact, all links are updated a day before the event, so if one doesn’t work, you can find an alternative easily. You’ll get access to live MMA fights in HD quality, as well as all the other sports you want such as major American leagues. The other great thing is you don’t need to sign up – just find the links you want and start watching.

CricFree (BT Sports 1)

CricFree isn’t just about hard-to-find cricket matches from around the world. It’s actually got a lot of other sports, particularly from BT Sports channels. You can access 4 different BT Sports channels here, amongst others such as Fox and Sky, so you’re likely to get a mixture of sports such as UFC, soccer and rugby. The downside to this website is the strong prevalence of ads, and also the fact that it doesn’t categorise things by event. Rather, you’ll need to know when your event is on and which channel is playing it.


If you want a platform that’s easy to use, you can do a lot worse than StreamGoTo. With plenty of categories and a simple layout, it’s easy to find the sports you want. If you love UFC and MMA, there is always a stream available here, in addition to numerous other sporting events. You can even access some special features like post-match press conferences, analysis and more.


If quantity is important to you, then Stream2Watch is one to check out. Of course, you get access to all the sports you could ever dream of, especially UFC and MMA events. But you can actually get access to over 150 different channels such as ESPN and BT Sports. The difference here is you also get a lot of other content. You’ll find live news broadcasts and other forms of entertainment too, so there is something for everyone.


MamaHD is about more than just sport. You’ll find other content available here too, but for sports fans, there is plenty to choose from. It’s a great site for finding sports such as UFC, Formula 1, boxing and a range of other events that can be difficult to locate. Every event links out to 2-3 different streams, so if one isn’t working, you can quickly find a different one to use.

Are free UFC streaming services legal?

It wouldn’t be our place to say which streaming sites are legal and which ones aren’t. The reality is, if a website streams content that users otherwise have to pay for, and the service doesn’t have legal authority from the copyright holder to do so, it’s probably not legal.

Streaming live sports in general isn’t illegal. For example, if you pay a subscription to a service like ESPN+, it’s completely legal to stream the available content. The issue is, many of the websites listed above broadcast live streams of sporting events without the legal right to do so.

Our advice is to do your own research on any website you wish to use for free streaming. Read on to find out why.

Accessing free streaming sites safely

Before you jump online and start signing up for all the free streaming sites you can get your hand on, it’s important to know a little about internet safety. As we touched on above, free streaming sites are often on the less-legal side of things. Plus, if someone is giving you something for free when you’d normally have to pay for it, then you can assume there’s some sort of catch.

One major concern when using these types of sites is malware. Malware can infect your computer through pop-up ads and a range of other methods. Check out this article on the Soap2Day Virus to see exactly what we mean. Malware comes in various forms and has several outcomes, none of them good. It can infect your computer, and cause issues with your system stability. Some malware can even take control of your operating system, forcing it to perform actions you’re unaware of. Plus, you’d be right to be wary about personal information being accessed through malware.

The second, and less-serious concern, is the fact that some of these sites may not be available everywhere in the world. Also, since they’re usually illegal, you probably don’t want anybody to know you’re using them. We’ve got some solutions for both of these problems below.

Using a VPN

Let’s start with the easy one. If you want to access online content that’s not available in your geographical region, then you need a VPN. This hides your IP address, essentially allowing you to access content anywhere in the world. It also protects your privacy when you access these sites. Using a VPN, your IP can’t be traced because you’re effectively connecting through another source. Don’t worry – if you’re paying good money for the best NBN plans, your speed won’t be affected. You still use your own internet connection, but your IP address is masked.

VPNs aren’t illegal, and many people use them as part of their standard internet use. They help to protect your privacy, which can never be a bad thing – even if you’re not accessing free streaming services.

Using ad-blockers

We should probably call this section ‘Use strong virus protection’ because, in effect, that’s what we mean. Free streaming sites have to make money somehow, and this is usually through the use of pop-up advertising. Pop-up ads used to be annoying, and now they’re more dangerous, often carrying malware and other viruses that can infect your system.

You can use an ad blocker to prevent many of these ads from being shown. However, not every virus is distributed via a pop-up ad. So, we would recommend using high-quality virus protection that incorporates malware scans, ad-blocking and all the other features required to keep your device safe.

Overall, if you want to stream UFC fights or any other pay-per-view or speciality sport, make sure you’re protected online. As always, if you get a bad feeling about any site that you visit, move along to something else.