Ways To Wrap Up Your Gifts Differently

Whether there is a need of stacked presents under a tree or presented gifts to the friends, These creatively wrapped ideas presents will make a memorable holiday or birthday gifts exchange. Here take a look at some beautiful ways to aggrandize store-bought gift wrap, or you can make on your own.

#1. DIY Stamped Gift Wrap

Lay out the gift wrap flat on your table, We will use a square rubber stamp to create impressions. One can find any of these rubber stamps at a crafting store or make one yourself. For any uniform pattern, stamp the large sheet of the paper repeatedly with the same stamp, leave a small space between the impressions. Or, just stamp the center of the piece of wrapping paper. The stamp rolling pin will  make an attractive and creative pattern. Then this gift wrap can be finished with either a ribbon or appropriate gift paper rope.

#2. Eco-Friendly Paper

These papers are easy to work with and find. The Repurposed and vintage papers add pop to the presents. One can layer various colors and textures, or you can add old-fashioned beads for the perfect finished look.

#3. Green and Brown Gift Wrap

Extend the palette with some pretty favors in the green and brown which are an enchantment to behold. Some familiar materials such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, twine, and crepe paper can be easily made into a sophisticated packaging for medium-sized gifts and lastly favors with decorative or ribbon paper.

#4. Translucent Gift Wrap

Translucent gift wraps are great in general, They feature very simple designs like and can work with any color really. The best thing about them is that they give the recipient just a tiny hint in terms of what the gift really is. One can finish this wrap off with either a ribbon or an appropriate gift paper rope.

#5. Japanese-Style Newspaper

If you are still looking for that perfect gift wrap idea, then look no further than the local newsstand. Add a memorable and interesting twist by wrapping the presents by using foreign-language newspapers. This is something that is really unique and will create a memorable experience. The gift wrap can be topped of with a simple gift paper rope, One can also add some accessories like a collectable coin to loop the rope through it for the vintage look.

#6. A Combined Color Palette

Select a color palette to join the gifts to wrap. Then try to vary the materials that would be everything you want to give will include your signature, Multi colored gift wraps are a great eye catcher. The mostly commonly used is a striped pattern but one can also go all out and have multiple colors blending in.

#7. Color-Coded Wrapping Paper

You can assign each member of the family a different color paper, then you would not even need any gift tags. This can be a fun way for everyone to guess and identify their presents. Wraps don’t necessarily have to pop out or be extravagant, The idea is just to make the whole experience fun and this does exactly that.

#8. Kraft Paper Wrap

Kraft paper will make an attractive yet strong wrapping for the oddly shaped gift packages. I love use kraft paper as a gift wrap, It’s easy to use and looks good with any color accessories. They can be used for any kinds of gifts from anniversary gifts to personalized gifts. Once the gift is wrapped, add special appurtenances and some gift tags to the package for the complete finished look.

#9. Modern Wrapping Paper

I truly love modern wrapping paper ideas, There’s just something about the modern colors and patterns which make it truly unique. You can find these sorts of gift wraps at online gifting stores, This bright and peppy print was inspired from packaging in the 50’s and 60’s. It’ll surely add some fun and vintage flair to your gifts.

#10. Woven Ribbon Wrap

Here is our idea: Interweave the ribbons to dress up the gift. The weaving will begin with the single ribbon stretched that will go across the top of the gift package and its loose ends will be fixed to the bottom with a double-sided tape. This is will add to a unique finish and this can be used on any sort of gift wrap. One can experiment with different color themes and accessories.

#11.Jingle Bells Wrap

You can re-use the sound of Santa’s sled with the small bell which would be attached to the Christmas parcels. Just purchase the bells from any crafts store, then use the lengths of cord or thin ribbon to secure the packages. This gift wraps are just amazing and add to the holiday spirit.

I Hope these ideas will help you to wrap up your gift in a creative way. Gift wrapping is all about being patient, experimenting with new accessories and just having fun with it. Do what feels natural to you. Happy Wrapping!

Himani Kour

Lover of wine, literature and long naps. Himani is working as a writer for Giftcart, An online gifting website. In her free time, she enjoys sipping on tea and eating exquisite cuisines.