We understand. You took an incredible photo, put in the perfect filter, uploaded it, and are now waiting for the tastings and comments to appear in the feed. It’s a fantastic and rewarding feeling to realize that your content is performing well for the Instagram followers. And it is important to your brand that this is a constant sensation.

However, to get people to engage with Instagram, it’s not enough to upload reasonable content and close the day. Your brand needs to understand how to promote your Instagram in order to reach the widest possible audience by increasing your instagram followers. There are over 700 million users, and casting the right bait with your promotions can bring great rewards.

The hardest part is learning how to promote your Instagram successfully. You should not need an RP expert to succeed, so 2 tips to expand and promote your Instagram organically:

Learn to enjoy the Instagram environment

Instagram has become an essential social network for advertisers. Even more Americans are always ready to buy active Instagram followers for branded, engaging and personality interactions. According to the second half of 2017 Index of Sprout Social , 51% of millennial appreciate the brand personality on Instagram.

The platform continues to be an environment of sharing, tasting, marking and commenting. In addition, younger generations can be taken to shop on Instagram, despite their limitation of the “link in bio”.

Instagram’s top users navigate the app with ease, though marketing promotion on this network is not as traditional as Facebook or Twitter. The application’s visual appeal is also different from all other networks. Branding images and videos lead to engagement, which helps you promote your Instagram even more.

According to our Q1 Index for 2017 , 60% of millennials and 67% of Generation X said they are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social networks. And Instagram’s unique scrolling environment puts your content in front and center of the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Think about how your brand audience would be more engaged if you had to roll Tweets one by one. It is no surprise that a Forester report found that brands perceive user interaction at 2.2% in their posts, which is by far the highest rate among networks.

If you are a brand trying to promote your Instagram, this is the ideal network to promote public engagement. Just understand the environment and take advantage of the way users interact.

Show the personality of your brand in a professional way

When you want to promote your Instagram to your brand, the first thing to do is to clearly distinguish between personal and business accounts. To get started, you must optimize your Instagram account to focus on the audience, not just the product.

This means that selfies, buddy groups, and travel photos need to stay out of your brand’s Instagram account. Even if this seems obvious, a surprising amount of personal content will stop at brand feeds. Think about what your audience wants-it does not want to see your friends or inner jokes.

Create popular posts that users want to follow

For a full customer hooking advantage you have to use creative images describing your brand. Nowadays popularity of using images is increasing as there are twice comments on the posts which contains images than just text or links.

It is a fact that our brains are visual so you have to use that fact and bring out the effectiveness of the visual world of Instagram by posting some product photos which will add to your sales.

Have a strategy to reach out to large followers

Even if you post awesome attractive images, it is of no use if it doesn’t reach out to huge number of followers. Your posts may get buried if you don’t use hashtags. You can also lump the posts with the communities by keywords so that it remains discoverable.

Thus, Instagram can become a great platform for your brand identity if you know the techniques for using it in proper way.