Ways to Make Your Living Room Set Last

Your living room furniture serves a purpose, so it doesn’t make sense to keep off your furniture just to make it last longer. When you’ve made an investment in a living room set, making it last doesn’t mean not using it. Extending the life of your furniture does, however, involve three key elements: starting with sturdy pieces, regular cleaning, and rearranging periodically.

When you first begin looking for a living room set, it’s crucial to consider the durability of the set and its utility. Essentially, you want your furniture to serve its intended purpose. When small children or pets are involved, it’s important that your furniture is designed to withstand that additional wear and tear. Look for materials that resist tears and staining, like leather and tightly woven fabrics in darker colors. Consider the frame and cushions, too. A quality frame will hold up for years, even if you do need to replace cushions or covers. Those cushions will last longer, however, with dense foam for the seats.

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Next, once your living room set is in place and being used every day, it’s important not to neglect cleaning and maintenance. With cloth couches, in particular, it’s easy to let them go for long periods between cleanings. Regular cleanings keep the dust and grit from creating more friction between the fabric fibers and, as a result, keep them looking new and lasting much longer. With leather, treatment is just as important to keep the material from cracking or scarring. Even the exposed frame elements of your living room furniture will last longer with proper care. Wooden legs can be buffed and polished to keep them from cracking or accumulating unsightly scuff marks.

Finally, though this doesn’t occur to many people, it’s important to rearrange your furniture every once in a while. This might only happen once or twice a year, but it’s still worth the effort. Consider how easily colorful fabric curtains get bleached by the sun. Any exposure to sunlight for extended periods will begin to cause damage to those areas of your furniture. Especially for furniture located near windows with direct light shining in during the day, rotating their location throughout the room can help create more even wear and avoid developing sunspots. Different parts of your living room are also exposed to different temperature extremes, so swapping locations for your loveseat and lounge chair each spring might mean the difference between the reclining mechanism lasting an extra decade before it wears out.

These three strategies are simple and, in fact, take very little time to accomplish. However, they have a huge impact on the lifespan of your living room furniture. Your living room set is at the center of all sorts of family memories and you want to keep it as a comfortable focal point for your family. Make sure you are paying attention to these small details that will make all the difference in maximizing the longevity of your furniture.