How Do You Know a Boat Storage Camp Is Right For You

A boat is an investment that needs security. Apart from proper maintenance, the other way to ensure your boat serves you for long is by providing it with proper storage. Unfortunately, not every boater has the extra space in their homes for storage. Luckily a camp for boat storage in Boise could come in handy in providing this extra space.

Worth noting is that the storage campuses and services offered may vary. There are, therefore, factors you should keep in mind when choosing a boat storage camp for your boat.

  1. The cost

The cost of the storage camp is an essential factor to consider. Already, the boat comes with financial responsibility, and you don’t want that to overwhelm you. Do some shopping around and get the average costs for storage. You can then use this figure to develop a budget that will help you choose from the different campuses available. 

Also, you can check the services included in the cost and pick the most suitable deal.

  1. The state of the camp

You are allowed to do a site visit to evaluate the aesthetics of the storage camp. This will tell you if it is safe to store your boat in the camp. Look out for things such as leaks, molds, and pests, to mention a few. If the condition of the camp will make your boat susceptible to damage, you may have to reconsider your options. 

If everything in the camp looks good, it is a safe place for your boat to be.

  1. Location

You don’t want to pick a location where you will have to travel for hours to retrieve your boat. More so, the further the location, the higher the fee for hauling your boat. Convenience is critical, and you should choose a camp you can easily access. 

  1. Security

You want to be sure that your boat is safe from theft in the storage. You, therefore, should ask the storage camp the security policies they have in place. You can also find out if there is 24-hour security in the camp. Look for security initiatives like CCTV cameras or alarm systems. Find out if there have been any cases of theft at the camp.

If you are satisfied with the level of security in the camp, then you can entrust your boat with them.

  1. Space

The storage camp should accommodate your boat. Check if the space available is adequate. If the storage is too tight, it is likely your boat will be damaged. A good camp should not only have enough room for the boat, but it should also have some extra space. 


Shopping for a storage camp should be a thorough activity. You want to ensure that your boat is in the right hands. A good camp should fit your budget and have enough space for your boat. The security in the campuses should also be tight. The location and aesthetics of the camp are also crucial to factor in the search.