Top 10 Ways To Get More Connections On LinkedIn And Grow Your Network

The network is everything and it takes time and effort to develop an active network. Are you working on this? If not then it is the right time to build a strong network for your professional career. No matter if you are a business owner, investor, entrepreneur, student or a working professional, growing a network is always important. When we talk about online networks then all the social media platforms pop up in our minds. But for a professional network, LinkedIn is the best platform. 

Are you on LinkedIn? It is shocking if you say no because more than 774 million people use LinkedIn for networking. This platform helps you connect with the people working in the same field, location, etc. Many factors are there that make LinkedIn the best platform for a professional network. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get more connections on LinkedIn and grow your network. Because here we are with the top 10 ways to get more connections on LinkedIn. Also, we will let you know how you can grow your network on LinkedIn. 

10 Ways To Get More Connections On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best place to get connected with professionals. It can help you find investors, employees, employers, courses and much more. To build a strong network you need an accurate LinkedIn strategy. The following 10 ways will help you in this. No matter what type of LinkedIn profile you have, these ways are applicable for all. 

#1. Get Noticed In Searches

People search for other professionals on LinkedIn. You may also have searched once like “graphic designer”, “photographer”, etc. These searches show you a list of LinkedIn profiles related to the search query. Now make sure that your profile is visible and searchable. Make your profile public and optimize your profile content. You can use search keywords to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Try to figure out what people can search on LinkedIn looking for professionals like you. 

#2. Behave Like A Professional And Expert

LinkedIn is not made for sending hearts and your selfies to people. Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional platform that is made for professional networking. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be social on LinkedIn. You can have conversations with people related to your profession. 

#3. Become An Attention Seeker

The title may sound ridiculous. But you don’t have to seek attention through any unprofessional activity. You have to grab the attention of other people through your posts. The posts that you make on LinkedIn must be related to your profession. Behave like a content creator on LinkedIn. Post something useful and eye-catching. Let others comment, like and share your posts. It will help you grow on LinkedIn.  

#4. Paid Promotions

If you want something easy then paid promotion is the best way. You can simply create a profile and get it promoted everywhere on the internet. You can promote your profile on other social media platforms. The same way you run ads on social media, you will be running ads for LinkedIn profile promotion. People will see your ad and they will connect with you on LinkedIn through a given LinkedIn profile URL. 

#5. Join LinkedIn Groups

If you want to connect with people in the same field as you are, then join LinkedIn groups. Many groups are there where people from specific professions communicate with each other. Join such groups and start posting, discussing, commenting and all the routine activities. 

#6. Send Formal Requests

You can send connection requests on LinkedIn, but you need to consider the way you send a message. Write formal and professional messages. Try to personalize your message according to the person to whom you are sending the connection request. Greet people in a proper manner to prove that you are professional and seeking a strong professional relationship. 

#7. React On Others Posts

It is good to post content on LinkedIn, but it is also important to react to others posts. If you are not reacting to others posts and just posting content, then it is the wrong way. The best way is to like, comment and share others’ posts. It is also a good way to grab the attention of others. Write informative, analytical and knowledgeable comments on other people’s posts.

#8. Focus On In-person Connections

You can send connection requests to any LinkedIn profile, but the better way is to try In-person connection requests. Send private messages with greetings to people that you want to connect with. Try to write personalized messages. You may get few connections accepted in this way, but they will be useful for you. So, if you prefer quality over quantity, then this way is the best.  

#9. Take Care Of Existing Connections

Are you in touch with your existing connections? If not, then there is no meaning to get new connections established. Lack of engagement with existing connections is not a good thing. You need to take care of them. Engage with them and make sure they are actively connected with you.

#10. Find Your Personal Contacts

Finding your personal contacts on LinkedIn is the most powerful technique to get more connections established. You can sync your email list, phone number list, etc. to see who from your personal contacts is on LinkedIn. This platform makes it possible for you to connect with your personal contacts. Also, you can invite people to join you on LinkedIn. 


The network is important for professional growth. As a professional, you cannot expect much growth without establishing a strong network. When it comes to networking, then social media platforms come to mind. But the best platform is LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn for your professional growth with the help of a network. There are multiple ways to get more connections on LinkedIn. Growing your network is easy if you follow the above-mentioned ways. You can send personalized messages, engage with existing connections, connect with your personal contacts, etc. to connect with more people on LinkedIn.