Video Marketing

Video marketing is the new way of content marketing. It is not the latest but in past years the importance of videos has risen on a great speed. Today video marketing is carried on every entertainment video streaming platforms.

Social media has a huge sector for videos to post, share and react. Similar to the entertainment platforms social media is a huge sector for video marketing. It is much more effective with greater reach. Being innovative, creative enough to amaze or funny enough to make you laugh and at the same time pitch a product. This is accurate video marketing. Placing a product or marketing it in a video is much more effective and beneficial as 81% of things we see in a visual motion is remembered while 20% is remembered of what we read.

B2B and B2C Video Marketing:

B2B and B2C markets are today much more dependent than before on Video advertisements and marketing. 65% of B2B and B2C marketers use Video marketing as a major part of their strategy.

B2B Video Marketing:

B2B video marketing is getting a growth day by day. Here the seller has to display a number of products which is much easier through creating a video. The seller can create a video rather a whole bunch or broachers or photos for displaying products. They can also create different videos for in depth marketing of products. As we prefer watching a video of product over reading some banner, pamphlet or description.

In B2B 30% of revenue is generated through video marketing. The business people are much more present on social media platforms like LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram and facebook(business groups). Marketing your products through video on these platforms will get your brand a great, genuine and responsive reach.

B2C Marketing:

Video Marketing is a major part of B2C market. Videos are much more influencing in this market. 34% of revenue is generated through video marketing. Videos build trust factor in users and is much more memorable which affects sales and distribution.

In B2C market platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime and Hotstar are major ones to target. Placing your product inside a streaming movie or show or even pre video advertisements may create curiosity if the product is somehow related to the video or the person is interested in such products.

Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are also a great market for B2C market. Social media is filled with influencers who entertain through their videos. Targetting influencers who have audience of required target customers would be beneficial.

Live Video Streaming:

15% of live video streaming result in positive outcomes for different brands. Live Video allows the audience to get a look of your brand behind the scenes. Viewers spend up to 8 times more in a live video streaming with engagements more than normal videos.

Immediate responses from brand and being called out on a live video encourage them to share these to social media and speak about it to others. So at the same time of video marketing a mouth to mouth publicity is taking place.

360° Video Marketing:

360° Video Marketing is a new trend. 360° videos now are being adapted by a number of brands and business. These videos create curiosity to watch, share and experience which is beneficial for the brands.

As the users are enjoying 360° videos they are also being pitched the brand or product. The 360° videos are also called virtually reality video properly viewed with tools like oculus rift or google cardboard.


Video Marketing has a vast competition while at the same time you have a great audience who you can influence with your video. For this you will have to take care of 2 things. One is the video, creating a video which is interesting, unique, innovative, as well and something which could go with the trend. The other thing is marketing. Even if you have a great video you will have to share it or market it through different mediums for maximum reach.

50% of viewers visit website after watching the video. 78% of target customers prefer watching a video rather reading some content. Product reviews, unboxing and many such videos on social platforms works as a great marketing strategy because of the same reason. 41% of people on digital media ask for more videos. Also the conversion rate through video marketing is highest being 84%. In the same sense you should plan your video marketing strategy with experts like Vaisansar Technology.