Using technology for math learning guarantees instant access to numerous learning materials and tools. Meaningful use of technological devices like computers to teach math will make it easy for students to understand complicated concepts and make the work of teachers and parents easy. Through technology, teachers can create pathways for personalized learning to meet the needs of every student. Below is a guide for parents and teachers on how to teach math to kids with tech.

1. Online learning

Mathematics is labeled as a practical subject, and some people doubt the practicability of how to learn mathematics through online learning. It is possible to have online math classes since the only difference with traditional learning is that students meet online. Technology through online learning has made education accessible to students in areas with extreme weather conditions like severe winter, war, and inaccessibility to learning institutions. Rather than meeting on weekends, teachers can organize online lessons where learners study in the comfort of their homes.

2. Math websites

Math websites have given learning a new face. By typing a question on a technological device connected to the internet, you can get answers and explanations to any mathematical problem. Certified math sites offer complete online math courses which supplement the class work. Such platforms make studying easy for slow-paced students as they choose personalized programs that fit their needs. Math sites have made access to learning materials and tools easier and cheaper. You can access math websites from anywhere if you are connected to the internet with a digital device.

3. YouTube videos 

If you ask a college student or even a high schooler where they learn concepts not taught in class, their answer will probably be YouTube videos. YouTube has given teachers a possibility to display their teaching techniques by posting videos accessible to anyone in the world. It is a platform that allows unprivileged students to learn from highly recognized math tutors. YouTube videos enable students to revisit the same concept repeatedly by replaying or downloading the videos and saving them in their digital technological devices.

4. PowerPoint presentations

Powerpoint is a piece of software that allows users to create stunning slides for presentations. Teachers can use PowerPoint to develop bulleted information and graphics and provide links to concepts being presented in the slides. Slides are the new adoptions of class presentations that replace paper charts used by teachers earlier. Teachers can also prepare class notes in the slides and share them with students, saving time for rewriting the textbook notes.

5. Math games

Did you know your child can enjoy screen time while learning math? If your kid is into playing games, how about not preventing them but changing the type of games they are playing? Technology has allowed programmers to develop games based on math where the players are given a series of puzzles to solve using mathematical concepts. By allowing your child to play such games, you will help them improve their math skills.


Technology can impact a child’s math performance as long as parents and teachers supervise their kids’ activities on the internet. In addition, technology fosters students’ engagement through auditory and visionary learning.