Our phones are so central to our normal programming these days that most people can’t even go to the toilet without their smartphones. To be fair, phones do make our lives easier via loads of utility apps, from ride-hailing apps to fitness programs, not to mention texting and calling apps. In keeping up with the ‘App Age,’ pet parents too can make use of any of the dozens of pet owner apps to keep track of their pet’s movements and behaviors around the clock.

Here are 10 of the best pet apps for iPhone and Android:

#1. Rover

Rover-Dog-Boarding-Walking-app-official-image_1Having a pet is cute and all, but having and managing a pet, a full-time job, and a family could get hectic. Some days you might be so busy at work that you may not have time to check on your furry friend which makes the Rover app quite handy. Rover is the perfect place to search for services ranging from overnight dog boarding, dog walking, cat and dog, and even pet house-sitting services.

What’s more, the sitters registered on the platform undergo background checks to ensure that they are qualified to handle pets. The company behind the app also provides 24/7 support in case anything arises and further provides photo updates so users can see how their pets are getting on with the sitters. The app is among the best pet sitting apps in the market, and it’s used by thousands of caregivers and pet parents as well.

#2. Pets Next Door – Best Pet Owner Apps

Pets Next DoorHumans have Facebook and Instagram as mediums of sharing visual content and catching up on other people’s lives as well. Now, Pets Next Door is a social site for pets albeit one curated and manned by pet owners. The application allows pet owners and lovers to upload their favorite pet pics, view pics by other users and socialize. Most of the photos posted show some cute cats and dogs in hilariously adorable moments with kids, playing with toys, and so on. If you are passionate about cats and dogs, you will find Pets Next Door one of the best virtual pet apps on the Internet.

Pets Next Door is a free platform available for free download on both the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. PC users can also access it via their browsers at petsnextdoor.com.

#3. My Talking Tom

My-Talking-Tom_02This is one of the must-have Giga pet apps for every pet lover. It’s a game that involves adopting a small virtual kitten and taking care of it until it gets to adulthood. You basically do the things you would do for a normal kitten, including naming your virtual baby, feeding him several times a day and generally nurturing him. There are also options to dress your kitty in your favorite colors and even spruce him up with a bunch of accessories. Additionally, you can travel with your cat all over the world and get to meet and interact with other kitties.

My Talking Tom is among the most popular pet games apps on the Google Play Store and gives you access to a further 10 mini-games, including Planet Hop and Happy Connect.

#4. MyPet Reminders

MyPetWhen you have kids, a spouse and a job to care about, it may be a bit hard to remember all the important medical dates and details about your pet. MyPet Reminder is an app that helps you note, and keep track of your pet’s important medical dates, appointments, and treatments. If you have more than one pet, you can create a profile for each individual animal to better keep track of their vaccination and treatment dates. I note diet changes to pick best senior dog food for my dog.

MyPet Reminders is free to download for Android and iPhone users and would be more useful than any of those funny cat apps.

#5. PetRescuers

PetRescuersPetRescuers is an app that allows you to help find missing cats and dogs in your locality. If you have a pet, you can also get help from the community when it goes missing. Basically, pet owners in the community post details of their lost animals and other users receive alerts if they happen to be around the area where the pet got lost. Even if you don’t own a pet yourself, you can get the app and help take any lost or stolen pets home if you come across them.

Additionally, pet parents can have the HomeAgain microchip put in their pets to make identification easier. Indeed, lots of dog and cat shelters across America have ID scanners that are compatible with the HomeAgain chips. For lost pet, you can also try PawMaw to find it easily.

The PetRescuers app is created and managed by HomeAgain, a company specializing in reuniting lost pets with their owners. It is one of the best pet finder apps like in the world, and there are both iOS and Android versions available for free.

#6. BriskNow

BriskNowBriskNow is a premium app that connects pet owners and people offering various pet care services. But the difference with other pet sitter apps is that the sitters on BriskNow “borrow” pets from owners going out of town or with busy schedules without expecting payment. If you love cats and dogs, BriskNow is one of those apps where you take care of a pet even when you can’t afford to have one for yourself. For registration, pet owners pay a monthly fee of $10 while pet “borrowers” part with $3 per month. The app requires pet owners to provide insurance details and integrates IDV verification and tracking to keep things safe for everyone. Admittedly, BriskNow may be a bit on the expensive side for pet parents who don’t travel much. You can, however, always subscribe when you need a safe and secure pair of hands for your pet when an urgent out of town work engagement arises.

#7. PetBacker

PetBackerPetBacker typically brings together thousands of pet owners, dog walkers, and groomers in various cities. Dog and cat owners can search for, and get in touch with dog sitters and walkers in their neighborhoods and get temporary homes for their pets. And not only that, but the app also features some grooming and spa services that would appeal to pet owners looking to treat their pets. Despite being one of the best dog walking apps on the play store, PetBacker is a free app.

#8. Friskies Cat Apps

If you are a cat lover, you may want to check out the entire range of Friskies cat apps that includes Friskies CatFishing 1 & 2, JitterBug and Pull N’ Play. The CatFishing series, for instance, calls for your cat to “catch” fish by touching the screen with her paws every time a fish appears on the screen. JitterBug also follows a similar concept although the fish are now replaced with bugs. Additionally, the Friskies website sells a variety of cool cat foods, from gravy swirlers to gravy chunkies for cat lovers within the US. I would say it’s quite a nice platform since we don’t get a lot of pet shopping apps that also host games.

#9. Dogo

DogoWe found Dogo to be a pretty decent app for those looking to train their puppies and dogs to be better behaved. The app provides daily training activities for your dog with each session tailored to not only unlock your dog’s natural abilities but its ability to communicate as well. It also consists of some tricks and tips by expert dog trainers on how to achieve better progress with different types of dogs. To cap it all off, when you are done with the training, you can submit a video exam which will be reviewed by Dogo experts. They will give a clear review of your progress as well as some advice on how to achieve more. Dogo is definitely in the top tier of apps for dog training.

#10. Tap Pet Hotel App

iPhone users must be feeling some type of way seeing that we’ve mostly listed pet apps for Android and not delved much into iOS apps. But here we are. The Tap Pet Hotel game is one made for pet lovers using iPhones, iPods, iPads, and anything else invented by Steve Jobs. The primary objective of the game is to build a nice hotel for pets and equip it with special rooms, and pet rooms for all your furry clients. Each of the rooms constructed generates income in varying intervals and the more rooms you build, the further you progress in the game, opening unlocking more features in the process. Tap Pet Hotel is quite a formidable game that has inspired a bunch of other low-quality pet hotel apps for Android. However, the real app is still the best quality wise.


Pets are cute and adorable albeit annoying sometimes, and most people have a dog or cat and even those who don’t wish they could own one. The list above includes a couple of pet owner apps as well as generally fun apps for pet lovers as we wanted to have something for everyone. Feel free to also add your favorite pet apps in the comments as well.

About the author: Rachel Hudson is a journalist of allpetsexpert.com. She is a dog lover. She always busy at work and she uses different apps to treat her pet better.