Imagine if you had told someone in the early 20th century about a hand-held device you can use to communicate instantly with anyone in the world, or that you can shop or attend classes without even leaving your room. They might have thought you were crazy. These days, thanks to the internet and technology we have smartphones, smart TV, personal computers. We can entertain ourselves by playing video games or watching the newest movies or TV shows. We can connect with everyone, worldwide, and learn from the best. We can even make a living from an online job or business.

While in former times, people usually damaged their vision by reading books in poor light, nowadays they tend to do so by spending time staring at their smartphone, laptop or TV screen. As a result, quite a lot of people need vision correction. Luckily there are solutions: contact lenses, eye surgery or a vast selection of glasses. Of these, glasses are a good choice for people who want to not only fix their vision but also look fashionable.

Luxury eyewear brands know that and deliver products to meet their customers’ needs, but there some things that people do not know about those glasses.

Glasses to Suit Your Face

One of the ugly truths that luxury brands don’t tell you is this: good looking glasses don’t necessarily make you look good.  Clothes, accessories and everything else in fashion dictate trends, and people think that getting whatever’s trendy will make them look good. But the truth is, not everything will. Everyone is unique, with a different physique, skin colour, face shape, hair colour, and personality. All things considered, anyone who wants to look good should learn what works and think about what will make them look good, regardless of the trends.

Luxury eyewear is no exception: you have to select the pair of glasses that actually suits you. Some people still choose their eyewear according to the image luxury brands are presenting, but in truth, you have a specific face shape, and those fashionable glasses won’t always suit you. There are 7 face shapes in total and for each one of them, specific glasses designs will make that person look good.

An oval face shape is considered to have the ideal proportions. If you have this face shape, you’ll need glasses frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. This will help to balance the natural proportions even more. If you have a heart-shaped face, choose frames that are wider at the bottom to reduce the apparent width of the top of your face. If your face is longer than it is wide, you have an oblong-shaped face. To make it more balanced you need glasses that have more depth than width.

On the other hand, if your face is square shaped, you’ll also need glasses that have more depth than width, but with narrow frames and/or narrow ovals. For a diamond face shape, look for rimless glasses or ones with detailing or distinctive brow lines. If your face is round, you can make it appear longer by wearing glasses that are angular and narrow. Lastly, if you have the base-down triangle face shape, narrower on the top than the bottom, you’ll need the opposite of heart-shape type glasses. Your pick should be eyewear that emphasizes the upper third of your face with accents like colour or detailing on the top half of the frame.

The Price You Pay

Another ugly truth about luxury glasses is their price. The cost of manufacturing glasses always depends on the materials used to create them, but the biggest price you pay is for middleman services. These expenses include warehousing costs, distribution fees, rent for physical shops and salaries for the staff. Not to mention the fact that  you’ll usually pay more for a specific brand, just because of the logo on the product.

Nevertheless, businesses in all different sectors have started taking their business processes into their own hands, in order to reduce costs, improve quality and provide better customer service – while at the same time still earning enough money to maintain themselves. With this business model, everyone wins. Among glasses manufacturers, a business like Bloobloom not only eliminates the middleman but also engages in philanthropic activities to help people. Therefore, by buying products of a specific brand you can also represent specific values and contribute making a positive impact on the world.


Thanks to the internet, we can learn about new things that can make our life better and more meaningful – if we use this wonderful tool correctly. We can make smart decisions that will not only bring us better-quality products and services but also save us time and money.