Types of Structural Foundations in Building Construction

It is a pleasure to live in a home that we have always imagined, and everything starts with its foundation. These are conditioned by the nature of the land on which the house is to be built.

On the other hand, the foundations of a house are entirely dependent on the type of construction chosen: the house is of traditional type or wooden frame. In practice, a stable and flawless construction is the result of good foundations. The duration of the future housing and its dangerousness is highly-dependent on the foundation of the building.

So, it is essential to know about the types of foundations that are needed to make the building stand for long-run.

Superficial Foundations

If the piling contractors approach the subject of superficial foundations, it means that the ground is of stable nature and the foundations of the house do not have to go down very low. It also means that they will not impact much on the original cost of the construction budget.

To detail it, this type of foundation implies that loads of the future house rest on a safe layer of soil at only about 60 centimeters of the ground surface. This scenario is the simplest and especially the cheapest for the construction of a home. In order get this foundation done with perfection, the screw piers are used.

Semi-Deep House Foundations

As the name implies, they require a little more down to the soil layer to reach the right soil, able to support the load of the house.

We are talking about 2 to 7 meters deep. This means that the ground of your land has characteristics that endanger the construction of your home with the method of superficial foundations. The cost of the foundations of the house will be increased. In this type, the CFA piling is done as the base of the structure instead of soles.

These foundations are recommended for an extension of a single-level dwelling, over a coherent ground in its surface. During its realization, the workers place the stringers under the studs to support the weight of the walls. They are easy to implement and can effectively combat the phenomenon of freezing and thawing of soils. It is also possible to use this type of foundation in the case of renovations or extensions or homes.

Deep Foundations

Its use is required when the resistant soil is at a great depth or in the case of a very important structure.

This type of foundation is based on the return of load from the ground below the base of the foundation and to this is added the lateral friction between the two latter.

There are two main types of deep foundations:

  • The stakes, which are slender foundations and are composed of the head, the point, and the shaft.
  • Wells that are dug by hand. They are either circular with a minimum diameter of 1.20 m or of any section but with a minimum width of 0.80 m and a minimum section of 1.10 m².

The semi-deep and deep foundations require the competence of professionals like Screw Piling Contractors, Sydney for the successful foundation.


Hence, before the construction of your home or any building, it is vital that you have detailed knowledge about the foundation types.