Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal Guide – Everybody wants to get rid of body hair. Nobody wants to undergo through the horrible and traumatic experience of waxing, tweezing, or plucking. It’s super annoying and demands time.

The rates of people obtaining permanent hair removal solutions are rising. And, this doesn’t only go for women; even men are willing to undergo the treatment.

Often, people doubt the complete hair removal treatment and yet undergo a painful and expensive process. However, if you are truly bothered, it is high time to consider about the treatments.

Maybe something less painful, less aggravating, and a little more permanent. Today, in this blog, we are going to share with you the three main types of permanent hair removal and which one is preferably best for you.

Without further ado, let us tap into the details to know more about it.

Three Main Types of Permanent Hair Removal

There are three fundamental and main types of permanent hair removal ways available at the dermatologist clinics.

  1. Laser
  2. IPL
  3. Electrolysis

One essential aspect to keep in mind while opting for the above three hair removal ways is to understand the difference and which one works best for you.

Some of the hair removal treatments are painful while some are smooth and sleek. Some have a high rate of success while some require undertaking the process several times.

Either way, whichever method you go for, it is bound to be more effective and worthy. Here’s a piece of detailed information regarding the three treatments.

#1. Laser

The first permanent hair removal treatment is popular and well known called Laser. But, is laser hair removal permanent?

Let’s find out!

Mostly, Laser Hair Removal treatment works excellent for clients who have pale complexion skin and possess dark hair. The unwanted hair could be anywhere. Whether, it is an upper lip, armpits, bikini line, or any other area.

With the Laser Hair Removal, one can possibly remove the hair. But, the same procedure does not imply for the dark skin people who have light color hair.

For someone who wishes to achieve permanent hair removal from the body will have to attend 4-6 sessions. Again, it depends upon the person. Sometimes it might require more sessions or maybe less.

As per the dermatologist recommendations, these sessions are spaced from a month to six weeks apart. Hence, to consider for a full treatment, a part of the year can take up.

With most of the types of permanent hair removal solution, that isn’t the case. In fact, it will remove unwanted hair but you cannot rely entirely upon the eradication of hair from the roots.

But, the good news is or pros of the Laser Hair Removal treatment will not harm the patient. It is safe and almost feels like the rubber band snapping from the skin.

Most of the patients are delighted and satisfied with the reduction of hair removal outcome.

How much will it cost? – Considering the area it can cost from $200 average to $900.

#2. IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

The second method/way of removing hair removal permanent is through IPL. It is also known as Intense Pulse Light.

Generally, IPL works similarly with that of Laser. However, the former method uses more and stronger wavelengths in targeting thereby killing the hair roots.

Hence, each session undergoing through Intense Pulsed Light is much better in diminishing the hair growth.

When there is a low dose of IPL consistently, it shoots right through the hair follicle that later gets captivated by the hair papilla pigment.

Due to this process, the follicle decomposes, and of course, shrinks down before it can grow.

In comparison to the Laser Hair Removal Treatment, IPL is considered to be a tad more painful. However, some independent practitioners and dermatologists have found an alternative in reducing the pain efficiently.

Many centers from the world have invented a unique system that cools down the pain of IPL. It brings down the numb sensation during the hair removal along with the light therapy. The method ensures that the patient suffers through minimal pain.

How many sessions to undertake?

In IPL i.e. Intense Pulsed Light, the sessions mostly depend upon the thickness of the hair and target area.

For instance, one wants to get rid of armpits hair, then most probably it takes 6 sessions. While the bikini line will usually consume 8 sessions. But, one thing to confirm and expect is the noticeable hair reduction in the first session itself.

How much cost it will take? – it will cost around $700 to $1200.

#3. Electrolysis

The third and last type of permanent hair removal method is the Electrolysis. It is believed to be progressive and permanently gets rid of the unwanted hair removal system.

Electrolysis is the fastest way of getting hair removal. The treatment works by rendering tiny pulses current as small as the one-thousandth-second length straight into the skin.

It targets the deeply rooted hair follicles before it can grow. Besides, the Electrolysis is successful in any area of the body.

But, the session varies from one to the other mostly depending upon the area. The electrolysis session mostly consumes 45 minutes. The touch-up sessions quickly finish in 15-20 minutes within the clinic.

Electrolysis is a much better solution for the permanent hair removal system since it produces permanent results. It works on all skin tones and hair.  It begins to show from the smaller areas like the face or bikini line and takes time for arms and legs.

This method uses chemical or heat energy. But, there are no side effects and no temporary redness.

How much it will cost? – An average session will cost around $45.

Other Ways of Hair Removal

Apart from the above ones, there are plenty of options to give a try. Here’s brief information related to other hair removal options.

  1. Shaving – The first and very much familiar option is shaving. We all are very used to shaving. It’s the least painful method that cuts off the hair on the skin level.

It’s very safe as long as you do not get a cut yourself. Make sure you maintain the hygiene and avoid using the blades of someone else. Always use appropriate shaving cream oil and a good quality blade that reduces the chance of razor burn and irritation.

It does not last for a long time as the hairs are shaved at skin level. Hence, it grows pretty quickly.

  1. Depilatory Cream– this type of cream is applied on the hairy part. After applying one has to leave it for a few minutes. Then gently wipe it off.

The Depilatory cream removes the hair at the skin level or maybe below. But, most of the time, it’s competent in removing coarse hair. Since it is made of chemicals, there’s a somewhat poor odor.

The hair is removed lightly under the skin level, so it tends to grow back in one or three days.

  1. Waxing – The most awful and frightful option that typically involves applying wax on the skin and then ripping it off.

It’s speedy and shows results instantly. Just give some time for hair to grow at least a quarter an inch.

  1. Sugaring – It is very much alike to the waxing. As the name suggests, it uses the sugar-coating paste applied on the skin to remove hair. It pulls out the hair from the root which can be quite awful.

It’s an affordable way and easy-peasy DIY to remove the hair. Since it is very much like waxing and removes the hair from the roots, consider 3 to 6 weeks for the hair to grow back.

False Claims

Apart from the above three methods, many gadgets and devices in the market claim permanent hair removal. These machine and gadget companies tend to twist and make consumers believe in the product.

What’s more is the fact, that the professionals and famous celebs also promote and guarantee the removal of hair forever.

Even, after implementing and juggling with all the methods for hair removal, it doesn’t go away, and then consider getting a bit of advice from the doctor.

It could be an underlying symptom for the PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or perhaps Hyperthyroidism.

The ingrown hairs are possible to remove with any of the above-mentioned methods. But, always do a trial patch to check whether you are allergic or causing the infection. Even, consult with the doctor if the ingrown hairs are revolving into the cysts.

Final Summary

Having body hair is ABSOLUTELY normal. One should never be ashamed about it or body shame about it to anyone. It affects their mental health. However, if you are uncomfortable enough then you can try out the three main types of permanent hair removal mentioned in the blog.

Take your own time in figuring out which one works better for you both financially and comfortably. You can even ask around for the recommendations to an expert dermatologist in detail and find out the option that is best and feasible for you.