Manage Business Mails

One of the secrets to run your business well is by managing the mails. Just make sure that you are using the best mail service which understand your needs. PostScan Mail is a virtual mail service and it is designed to help to support your business. Let’s learn about how the service helps you.

Check the Mails or Packages and Decide Something with Them

This service is a solution for those who have received a lot of business mail every day and you need to manage them.
By using this virtual mail service, you will be informed anytime you receive a new email through a notification. Then, the system helps you to decide what you want to do with the email.

Let say, you can just open and read the mail, forward the mail, pick up the important mail, or even directly throw away the mails to the recycle bin.

Virtual Business Address Service

PostScan Mail offers a virtual business address. The uniqueness is that you are able to use your real office address. Due to the features and system installed, this facility is a great option for busy business owners or travelers.

As the result, you can manage your postal mail anytime and anywhere you want 24/7. This service works by sending the photo of the envelope or package along with the complete detail such as the sender, type of item, description, weight, dimension, and many more.

The detail will be sent to your virtual mailbox and you can check it anytime you want. The most important thing, this service helps to give a notification anytime you receive a new mail or package.

Get a Place to Store the Mails and Packages

You will also get several benefits which you don’t get from a traditional postal service. Let say, you get a place to store your mail or package before checking it. The service will handle your mail or package professionally.

Then, you can let them send all the mail or packages at once to reduce expense. Even, you can store all of them first while checking it one by one and deciding what to do with those packages. It is also an effective way to store and separate between the importance and unimportant mail or packages.

Use a Real USA Address

This service helps to increase your business reliability by letting you use a real USA address. Even, you can write down the address on your business card or anywhere you want to let your customers or business partners know it.

You don’t need to worry about anything because the service is using several protection systems to keep your mails and packages safe until you take them. The mail and packages are protected by cameras, secure data center, locked down rooms, and an encryption system.

Manage It from Gadgets

PostScan Mail provides a virtual address for your business. This virtual address gives more benefits than sending it directly to your office. Indeed, it works if you only have a small or medium office or a business which must receive a lot of packages a day.

Distance is not a matter because you can check the mail or the packages anywhere you want. Then, you just need to take a specific action to the mail and let the team from this service do it for you. Interestingly, you can manage it only from your beloved gadgets including tablet, PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.

Three Simple Steps

The service works in three simple steps to help you manage the packages or mail.

First, you must create an account and start to choose an address. There are several addresses presented and you can choose the best one based on your condition.

Second, anytime you get any mail or packages, the PostScan Mail service will tell you through a notification. The mail and package will be scanned and sent to you online, so you can check it and decide something to do with it.

Third, just let them know what you want to do with the mail or the packages. They will do it for you and you can focus on the other important activities.

Indeed, PostScan Mail is a service which will support your activities, especially your business. Some users are satisfied with the service due to the pricing, easy to use, and its benefits. It provides you with a virtual address for your business and offers a new way to store mails and packages.