Destinations in North East India Guide

It is often referred to as the land of “Mystery and Diversity”.

This is indeed India.

This Asian country offers some exotic, captivating and fascinating travel destinations, which are really a treat to your eyes. The symbol of love Taj Mahal attracts millions of travellers or the sunrise in Himalayan mountains or the coastal beauty mesmerises one’s inner soul.

But wait, there is more…

When the north, south or west India is a hub for travel junkies across the globe, a very few travellers know about the tribal lands of North East India. And it is enormously beautiful!

Here nature flourishes with all its beauty. The scenic beauty of these places is not less than a lively paint on canvas. With pristine locales, impeccable ambience and amiable people, North East has something unique to offer and without being to the places, you can’t feel the actual aura.

So, let’s take a tour to 5 scenic destinations in North East that will surely fuel your travel desire.

North East India-the 7 Sisters

Seven contiguous states like Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura make North East India. These states cover an area of about 250,000 km2 or about 7 percent of India’s total area. You can feel a great ethnic and religious diversity within the seven northeast states. However, they pursue similar political, economical, social beliefs.

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5 Places to Visit in North East

#1. Kaziranga National Park-Assam

Recognised as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kaziranga National Park is home to one horned-rhinos. It welcomes N numbers of tourists across the world. The natural wonders are so nicely conserved here. Spotting a one-horned rhinoceros, those safari drives, the warmth of wildlife are the experience that you restore for a lifetime.

Famous for: One-horned rhinoceros

No. of species: 35 species of mammals and hundreds of migratory birds species

#2. Cherrapunji-Meghalaya

Known as the wettest place in the world, Cherrapunji offers many things that attract tourists across the globe. The living root bridge, longest waterfalls, India, Bangladesh border, the oldest Church, Nohkalikai waterfall, Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village make this place a paradise for the travellers. It is mesmerising to see clouds coming down while walking in the cleanest street of Cherrapunji. For nature lovers, this place is a true calling.

Famous for: Maximum rainfall in the world

Activities: Experience the tropical flora and fauna and living root bridge

#3. Madhuri Lake-Arunachal Pradesh

This lake was named after the famous actress Madhuri Dixit, following the shooting of the movie Koyla here. Previously the lake was famous as Shungaster Lake among the locals. The lake is accessible to the tourists, the place is surrounded by army camps. Give a treat to your taste buds by trying the delicious momos serving in an army cafeteria near the lake. The peaceful atmosphere will make you woo and worth a surreal respite.

Best time to visit: April to October is the best time to visit.

Activities: feel the aura of nature and try local food

#4. Majuli Island-Assam

Situated in the mighty Brahmaputra River, Majuli is world’s largest river Island in Assam. It is a hub for Assamese culture. It is the abode of Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture. The island is accessible only by ferries from Jorhat. It is said that the island has started shrinking due to frequent catastrophic floods every year. Given that, the island is expected to vanish from the global map very soon if the situation remains the same.

Best time to visit: one can visit this place anytime, however, the month of November offers many things to explore there.

 Famous For: Explore the canoe fields, different types of birds or otherworldly experience

#5. Shiloi Lake-Nagaland

One of the major tourists attracts in Nagaland. The lake is in the Phek town. This picturesque lake is surrounded by lush-green valleys. There is a belief among the locals that a spirit of a holy child rests in this lake, thus it has a great importance in the locals of Nagaland. With its unique beauty, this place ensures a surreal holiday experience.

Famous for: Scenic view and the bizarrely horrific story behind the lake.

Best time to visit: Summer

And we don’t stop here…

Visit North East to Experience the Hassle-free Side of India

North East is the place where you can feel completely a different side of India. The calmness, scenic beauty, food, people, culture everything will astound you. Even not-so-developed infrastructure may make traveling a little difficult, this is the place you can escape to over and over again.

Get off the Beaten Track

This place is still unexplored. It sometimes appears hard to get off the beaten track in this highly globalized world. NE is still authentic. However, it’s been a couple of years that the region has opened up to tourists. Even some mountains are not mapped as well.

This means traveling to these places can be bumpy and you will have to adjust without luxury hotels or exotic foods at times. But if you’re an adventure lover then northeast is the paradise!

Things to Consider

  • All NE states have different cultures, languages, tribes, food and scenic beauty that are just heaven for fearless explorers
  • Assam and Meghalaya, have better infrastructure and are easier to travel than others
  • You will require special permits to visit states like Arunachal Pradesh
  • Nagaland comes with little infrastructure. Public transport is a real hurdle here where travelling independently is quite tough

However, North East India is an astounding destination that’s totally worth your visit at least once in a life time!

Treat Yourself!

This untouched place has been gaining its popularity gradually and it will take no time to become the hottest travel destination in India. Some of the destinations are perfect for families while some are the hub for adventures.

So, what are you waiting for? Hail to this natural paradise and explore its inner beauty and peace!