Dr.Fone Expert Software

Bought a new iPhone and want to transfer all your contacts and files to the iPhone from your old android phone?

Well the task is made easier with the dr.fone switch which helps to transfer android to iPhone.   The entire task can be done in just one click and is very simple to do. This is also possible just the opposite too. Transfer can be done from iPhone to android too. Not only files, but also the contacts of your old phone can be transferred easily.  To know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android, dr. fone switch will be helpful for you.

Know more about the dr.fone software

What is dr.fone?

It is software which has made all transfer from one phone to another simple and easy. Any transfer from your android to iPhone and iPhone. Even the software is compatible to IOS 12 and also with the android 9 version and can be used successfully. In just one click the entire transfer of files, photos, and contacts can be done between two phones with different operating system. Text messages, photos, images, videos, music can be transferred from one phone to another.

The most distinct feature of the software is that it can be used by anyone. Just a single click can do the entire process. Nothing is much easier, faster and simpler than this one.

Why dr.fone is the perfect one to files transfer over mobile?

Let’s find out why this software is a much wanted alternatives to many such file transfer software;

  • The software as no hacks still now and hence quite safe and secure to carry out the transfer of confidential files over phones.
  • There is no data loss while transferring the files form one phone to another. Even there are no overwritten files.
  • No storage of personal information is done in the software or the cloud. So you can be assured that there is no data sharing option.
  • No need of a computer to do the entire process. Just you have two phones with the software and the task is completed.
  • Its speed is so faster than there is no other match with other such software
  • Just one click and the transfer are done. The application is so easy that it can be done by anyone and at any time.
  • The software is compatible to almost all version of android and IOS, even with the latest ones.  So software compatibility is not at all a issue.

Steps to transfer files form android to iOS

Here are the steps to undergo the files transfer process form your old phone to new phone;

  • From android to iPhone
  • Run the android into the iPhone. It need to be done at the iPhone data transfer tool
  • Opt the switch feature
  • Transfer the sms, contacts, videos, photos, music, and other files from the old phone to the new phone.

How to sync the calendar and emails?

Even the emails, notes and calendars can be syced in the below process:

  • Get to your android phone and go to settings
  • Find the option of account and then sync
  • Tap on the option of sync calendar in the Gmail account
  • Now on the iPhone plus phone click on setting and then go to mails, calendars.
  • Click n add account
  • Provide the necessary information and then turn it on.
  • The syncing process will begin.

Thus you will get all your notification on your calendar and emails through the sync process. Thus this software is a ultimate solution or doing every function through the cloud system in safe and secure ways. Check out the official website to know more about the different tasks of the software.

How to transfer from iOS to Android

On other hand, similarly files can be transferred from iPhone to your android phone too. The steps are simple as easy as earlier. Check out the steps to know how to do it:

  • Launch the dr.fone toolkit  and open the welcome screen
  • Find the switch feature on the welcome screen
  • Connect both the phone with different OS- iPhone and Android.
  • Let the application software detect them automatically
  • Mark the source phone and the destination phone.
  • Select the type of data which will be transferred. Let us first select the contacts.
  • Click on start transfer button and the process will be started.
  • Sit for a while until the transfer is complete.
  • Make sure both the device is connected to each other through the software to undergo the process successfully.
  • Once the transfer is complete, you will get a notification about the task done.


Thus the entire process is basically easy and can be done by anyone.

Now stresses about transferring files over phone are gone. Dr. Fone has made the task much simpler and easier undergoing it under a secure cloud system.Try out the software now and check how much useful it is.