Top Tips For Choosing The Right Products To Give Away

If you are brainstorming a new advertising campaign for your brand, you may be considering new and groundbreaking ways to attract new customers and build long-lasting relationships. You may be trying everything from social media marketing to webinars, creating a blog, product discounts, and more. 

However, sometimes the best way to attract new clients isn’t by new innovative tactics at all, but through methods that have been proven to work for years on end. One of the most proven advertising methods used for decades is giving away promotional products. 

What Are Promotional Products? 

Promotional products are any kind of merchandise that is customized with your brand’s logo and color scheme. The branded products are then used to give away to potential customers for free in hopes of turning them into loyal clients. You can give away promotional products at special events, trade shows, after a sale, at grand openings, and more. 

Why Do Promotional Products Work? 

According to Psychology Today, free gifts like promotional products spark a positive reaction in people that receive them. In addition, the free item can affect the recipient’s choices they make in the future and determine how they think of your brand. However, in order to spark this positive reaction in potential clients, it is essential to invest in promotional products that both attract the recipient and represent your brand

So If you are considering adding promotional products to your advertising campaign, follow these tips to figure out the best kind of products to represent your brand. 

Consider Your Target Audience

Like in all business operations, it is crucial to think about your customer’s wants and needs. Narrow down your targeted audience and figure out what they would like in a promotional product. Consider everything from their age, income, interests, occupations, gender, and more. 

Conduct Research

Once you have narrowed down your targeted audience, it is time to start researching exactly what kind of products you want to giveaway to your clients. With so many options narrowing down specific products could seem overwhelming. Still, as long as you take the time to do the necessary research, you will be able to find the perfect product to represent your brand and wow recipients. 

What To Research

When conducting research for your promotional products, examine regular products that are popular within your industry that have high success rates. If you base your promotional products on items that are already selling in your respective industry, you’ll have a high chance of impressing your recipients. For example, if one of the top-selling items within your industry is clothing and apparel, consider giving away clothing and apparel as a promotional product. 

Focus On Usability

Another thing to take into consideration when it comes to promotional products is the likelihood of someone actually using your items. For example, people will be more likely to remember your brand if you give away something that is useful. When your promotional products become a part of your customer’s daily routines, they will view your company as an important aspect of their life. In addition, the more they use your promotional products, the more likely your brand will be seen by other people.


Durability is just as important as usability. If your products are of poor quality, your recipients will have no use for them, no matter how practical they are. In addition, poor-quality products can speak negatively about your brand. However,  if you offer your clients high-quality promotional items, they will see the value in your brand and will most likely invest in the products you have for sale.

Tailor Your Products To Your Company’s Vision

No matter how nice your promotional products are, if they don’t represent your brand’s story, it will not correlate to sales and loyal customer relationships. For example, if you are a tech company, don’t give away wine bags or cookware with your brand on it. Instead, giveaway technology-related items such as USB drives, phone accessories, a computer mouse, or any other tech-related products.

Figure Out A Distribution Method

Once you figure out what you are actually going to giveaway, it is essential to plan out how and when you are going to pass out your promotional products. Rember your products are only effective if they fall into the hands of your customers. 

You should also consider the size and weight of your products when determining distribution methods. For instance, small promotional products could be delivered to your client list through the mail, while larger promotional products like clothing will be better to distribute at a special event or trade show. 

Be Creative

When it comes to promotional products, the most important thing is to be as creative as you can. As long as you follow these tips and think outside the box, you’ll be able to attract high-paying loyal customers.